Your First 500 YouTube Subscribers Top 5 Tips How To Do It

Your First 500 YouTube Subscribers Top 5 Tips How To Do It

Your First 500 YouTube Subscribers Top 5 Tips How To Do It

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You are taking this course because you want to reach your first 500 YouTube subscribers, correct?

Perhaps you just opened a brand new YouTube channel or maybe like me, you struggled getting your first 100 subscribers.

“Getting to 10 million was absolutely not as hard as getting to a million. You see, between a million and ten million it just meant doing more of the same: a little bit of patience and a lot of hard work. Getting to a million was not as hard as getting to a hundred thousand subs. I saw the work people were responding to, I made more of that, I experimented, I worked on building an audience; I did all that and it took me from 100k to a million. See getting to a hundred thousand subs was still not as hard as getting to ten thousand subs. You see, getting to ten thousand subs is the hardest thing to do on YouTube because at 0… nobody’s tuning in, nobody cares and at ten thousand it means you’ve built a meaningful audience. So getting from zero to 10,000, finding your footing, building a foundation on YouTube was the hardest thing to do. And the moral of all this is that, I think one piece of advice that people love to overlook, especially young people, enthusiasts energetic young people on YouTube love to overlook is: patience. It’s something that my friend Gary Vaynerchuk talks about a lot but it’s ‘required’ to succeed in anything but especially on YouTube: it’s patience.

—Casey Neistat (11.9 Million YouTube Subscribers)

If you want to be like Casey, build a brand and reach millions of subscribers; you have to start aiming to the next realistic, achievable goal. 500 subscribers was that milestone for me.

If you are starting from scratch, want to build your own brand, get more views, more subscribers and patience is hard to achieve… this course is the perfect jumpstart to help you shorten the path between 0 to 500 YouTube subscribers. If you implement my Top 5 Tips to reach your first 500 subscribers, you will sooner than later get to that goal and also these tips will continue to help you way after that milestone has been reached, for the life of your YouTube channel’s existence.

Optimize your YouTube channel, get more views, get more subscribers and most importantly: increase the watch time of each new video to keep your audience engaged and help the YouTube algorithm recommend your content to even more people than ever before.

By the end of this course, you will have the tools to build the YouTube channel you always wanted. You will be making higher quality videos your audience will engage, love and rave about. And your content will be even more valuable than ever before.

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