Visual Merchandising and Display

Visual Merchandising and Display

Visual Merchandising and Display

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Instructors: Michelle Bennett

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Visual merchandising is a key element to any successful retail industry. It is the art of implementing visual techniques and displays to maximise sales.

I have combined both my four years study of retail (management and marketing) and my ten years experience being a Visual merchandiser to create this online course. Whether you are thinking of a career in visual merchandising, want to expand your skillset or are a business owner who wants to learn how to increase your sales…this is the course for you!

This Visual Merchandising and Display online course is the perfect way for students and retailers to learn the art and science behind being a visual merchandiser.

In this course we start from the beginning covering retail marketing topics including  consumer behaviour, retail branding, retail design and target markets. This course offers practical presentations to learn how to draw planograms and identify focal points. The course also includes presentations on techniques and steps to merchandise products, execute store displays and create retail windows.

The end result is the knowledge to be a successful visual merchandiser, increase retail sales and have a new set of skills to further your career.

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