The Most Essential Marketing Analytics, Metrics and KPIs

The Most Essential Marketing Analytics, Metrics and KPIs

The Most Essential Marketing Analytics, Metrics and KPIs

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If you have a business, then you need to know how it is doing.  If you cannot measure things, you will not be able to make decisions that increase your revenue, or help you accomplish your goals.

That’s why in this course, you’ll learn to measure calculate and understand the most essential indicators or Key performance Indicators, that will tell you how your business, website, project, blog, online store is doing.

There are thousands of KPIs or metrics in the Web Analytics world out there, but you only need to worry about a few, that actually apply for your business or website, so my main focus is to teach you the foundations, the concept, the formula and a good bunch of best practices and tips i’ve learned that will help you get the most out of each metric you’ll learn.

At the end of the course, you will know these KPIs or Metrics so well, that 

  • You will be able to decide which ones you’ll want to measure for your website or company. Not only that, 
  • You will be able to choose your Web Analytics software based on the kind of information you need for your business.
  • You will also know the best ways to deal with the data you’re gathering and how to best use it when measuring specific KPIs.

The course is split in a few major sections:

  • Website KPIs
  • e-Commerce KPIs
  • Social Media and Email Marketing

Keep in mind that this is NOT a Google Analytics software course or any Analytics Software Course. This is a course where you will learn the KPIs from a strategical perspective, so you can design the best measuring strategy for your specific case.

Google Analytics and other software courses are extremely overwhelming if you don’t know the concepts first, so this course is the must-have, must-learn foundational course you’ll ever need to take for when you make the jump and choose your web analytics software later on.

Take this course if:

  • You don’t want to know 100,535,678 KPIs but just the ones YOU ACTUALLY NEED.
  • You want to understand what to do to increase page views, time on site and reduce bounce rates
  • You want to make people open and click your emails
  • You want to have more likes, shares and people actually reading your blog
  • You want people playing your videos
  • you want people to make a purchase in your website, subscribe to your newsletter and download that PDF
  • you want people to buy your online course or book an appointment with you
  • you want to make better decisions and understand how your business is doing so that you can lead it to success

Don’t take this course if:

  • You don’t need to understand how your website or business is doing
  • You have so many sales and revenue that you don’t need to do anything else
  • if you have people pouring from many channels ( social media, blogs, ad campaigns, etc.. ) that you don’t need to increase your reach or engagement in social media.
  • You know these KPIs and are actually actively measuring them through any Analytics software.

All is done and explained in very easy to follow lectures, easy step by step instructions and with an exquisite 30 days money back guarantee. So there’s nothing you can say to not start measuring, understanding your business performance and reaching your goals and success.

Hit the button and i’ll see you inside!


Rodrigo Martinez Blanco

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