The Key to Finding and Keeping Customers

The Key to Finding and Keeping Customers

The Key to Finding and Keeping Customers

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What is the secret to finding and keeping customers happy? How is it, that some businesses can survive through the recession and economically challenging times, and yet others have to close their doors? Contrary to what might be popular belief, just because you have a good (or even GREAT) product or service, does not guarantee you longevity or a successful business! These days you really do have to put your customer first!

This course shows you how to create a customer-centred business. We put the customer at the heart of all of our transactions. We show you how to identify your prime customer and to find out what they want. We look at the 9 P’s which you should be aware of and how to price your product effectively for maximum sales and profitability.

If you’ve been struggling with custome relationships, or you’ve just created a product/service and now need to market it to the right person, they this course is for you. It’s useful if you have your own (or a clients) product / service in mind, because then you can apply the exercises and relate it to something which will be useful and practical for you to take away and use in real life.

Your course tutor is an multi-award-winning entrepreneur with a first class honours degree in Accounting with Marketing and has created and led more than 10 successful service-based businesses in a varierty of fields inclusing accounting, telecoms, hair and beauty, weightloss, events, software, property, publishing and print. Customer service, finding and targeting the customer with the right message, ‘giving the customer what they want’ at ‘a price they can afford’ in a ‘way that they want it’ has been key to her success.

You don’t need any previous experience of marketing to take this course. No knowledge is assumed. There is a course booklet (16 pages) for you to print off and complete as we go through the course. This can be used as part of your business plan, or as a blue print to successfully designing your own user-centered business.

The SECRET to finding and keeping customers is in your practises and techniques. Most people never think about what we’re about to cover in this course. But you know what? It works! Take one day out of your business, to sit and think and go over this material, and i’m sure over the next 30, 60 to 90 days, if you actually apply this stuff – then you will see a difference in your business. 

The market is tough out there. Economic conditions are not going to make business any easier. Get prepared for what is about to come, and make your business bullet proof.If you want to survive the times ahead, you are going to have to learn how to find, attract and keep your customers!

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