Techniques And Tricks For Boosting Site Sales (Persian)

Techniques And Tricks For Boosting Site Sales (Persian)

Techniques And Tricks For Boosting Site Sales (Persian)

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Instructors: Hamid Hatam Tehrani

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In this PERSIAN Course , we answer all the following questions:

    How to create valuable content for Google and site visitors?

    What is the conversion rate optimization ( CRO )?

    What is the way to analyze the behavior of site visitors?

    What parts of my site will attract more attention?

    What is the secret of selling my site?

    Can you send messages to them without receiving emails from users ?!

    What is the title of the site advertising more effective?

    How does content marketing affect my site sales?

    What is a marketing funnel?

    What is an effective link building tool?

    What is the impact of video content on the increase in site sales? 

    What is Skyscraper?

    What is the difference between internal and external SEO?

    Introducing offline and online marketing methods (Inbound and Outbound)

    Introducing techniques for producing valuable and uncompromising content

    Important HTML tags that you need to enhance content SEO

    Use social networks to improve SEO

    Introducing a solution for automatically sending content to all social networks

    What is a social signal?

    What is a landing page or landing page?

    What are the magic words in advertising to increase sales and sales?

    How can we improve customer experience in the online store?

    What title is more clicked! 

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