Tai Lopez – Real Estate Program

Tai Lopez – Real Estate Program

Tai Lopez – Real Estate Program

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How You Can Invest In Real Estate To Create $271.00-$8,119.00 A Month Of Passive, Automatic Lifetime Income – Even If You Have Little Money Or No Experience What You Get By Joining This Test Group! In this program, you will find out: How to finance your real estate investments, even if you have zero money or experience (we’ll teach you 24 different ways to get other people to invest in your property – without credit and with zero money down) How to find the best deals in real estate, including the exact locations in the US Cole and I think are best for real estate investing RIGHT NOW (plus: what geological areas to avoid investing in) How to calculate the math for making important real estate investment decisions, so you can lower the chances of losing your money How to create generous – and 100% legal – tax deductions, so you benefit from some of the best tax breaks possible offered to real estate investors (second to being a small business owner, real estate investing is one of the best ways to take advantage of legal tax breaks) How “Seller Financing” works, so you can create cash flow the equity in your home, without raising flags with the FCC (plus: how to structure a seller financing deal, once we help you find one) How to structure your real estate investing deals, negotiate the best-possible rates, and how to get a tentative occupant who covers the cost of your property How to invest in both luxury homes and low-income housing, including the sweet spot in-between where you can find some of the best real estate investing deals How to spot real estate trends, so you can capitalize on new real estate opportunities first – before they happen and before everyone else rides the trend How to understand the migration patterns of real estate (for example: why buying properties in Phoenix, Arizona was so profitable for 3 years straight back when people were leaving California because of high rent and taxes) How Cole Hatter was able to buy $250,000 properties for $40,000-$60,000, then resell them for $80,000-$100,000… or kept them as rental properties that eventually became worth $250,000-$250,000 once the market bounced back What the best areas in the countries are for you to flip houses in How to protect their properties from natural disasters, so you can rebuild for “free” – or get a nice insurance check Several key investing principles you will benefit from knowing, for the rest of your life A way to build a portfolio of properties that generate around $273 a month… which doesn’t sound like much, but when you have hundreds of properties, that you get a return on all year long… this quickly adds up How to negotiate with the seller and with banks… how to get people to help you manage properties… and when to flip, renovate, or hold And… so much more    

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