Steve Mauro – Beat The Market Maker

Steve Mauro – Beat The Market Maker

Steve Mauro – Beat The Market Maker

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Salepage: Steve Mauro – Beat The Market Maker

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Here’s what you’ll get:
  • Customized MT4 Beat The Market Maker Add-ons Package
  • Indicators, templates and profiles
  • Work time ribbon — Best times to be in front of the action
  • Stop Hunt Zone — Where the dealer must go to trigger the stops
5 Module In-depth Training Program
Module 1: Preliminary Training (2 hours of video)
  • To get started on the right foot, my team and I will make sure everything is loaded correctly on your platform and you are ready to go!
  • Expert MT4 users can consider this preliminary training module as ‘Optional’
Module 2: Discovery (4 hours of video)
  • Dealer psychology and market behavior
  • The Market Makers’ true intent, and learn to identify the trap areas
  • What constitutes a stop hunt
Module 3: Identifying Market Maker Behavior In Real Market Conditions (4 hours of video)
  • Understand the accumulation phase and its nuances
  • Understand the weekly and daily cycles
  • No more guessing where the market will go
  • Understand the dealer trend and how it differs from the retail traders’ trend
Module 4: Using Common Indicators to Recognize Market Maker Behavior (4 hours of video)
  • Understand which sessions are the most profitable, and the best times of the day to trade
  • Learn how to identify the peak formation
  • Understand how to differentiate the best trades using the absolute high and low for the day
Module 5: Putting It All Together & Key Set-ups (4 hours of video)
  • Understand dealer levels
  • Understand fractional disparity, and what this means for you
  • Understand key setups and their variations

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