[Special Offer] Marie Forleo – B-School 2020

[Special Offer] Marie Forleo – B-School 2020

[Special Offer] Marie Forleo – B-School 2020

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Module 1-Profit Plan Map Your Profit-Making, World-Changing Plan Every remarkable business is built on a strong foundation. In this Module, you’ll clarify your business vision and set inspiring growth goals. We’ll help you understand your numbers so you can optimize based on profits. You’ll discover how to find your ideal customers and create a winning strategy to make a bigger impact. We’ll help you harness your unique strengths, personality and skills to inspire people to buy, and show you how to: Generate irresistible, innovative offers that are exactly what your customers want to buy Create a bulletproof strategy to stand far apart from the competition Elevate your brand experience to build trust and skyrocket sales — on any budget By the end of Module 1, you’ll have a rock solid foundation and a clear action plan to take your business to extraordinary new heights. Module 2-Website Create A Website That Converts & Sells Websites aren’t optional anymore. But a pretty site isn’t enough — your site must convert. In this Module, you’ll learn how to make sure your website is set up to build trust, convert leads and make sales 24/7. You’ll choose the right platform for your industry and budget, pull in targeted traffic, and avoid costly disasters with plugins, programmers and designers. You’ll also: Get step-by-step tactics to optimize your lead conversions Understand the anatomy of a website, including page layouts, image files, header placement, and more Remove popular plugins and trendy links that secretly sabotage your sales No matter what your skill level or budget, you’ll have everything you need to ensure your website is as effective as possible. Done For You Website Resources 25+ Free B-School Approved WordPress Designs 25+ Must Have Plugins for Your Site My Personal Shortlist of the most highly skilled, cost-effective website talent, companies and products we recommend Module 3 -Communication Design A Winning Communication Strategy Content marketing is a must these days, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. In this Module, you’ll develop an effective, doable plan to stay connected to your audience, attract new fans and increase sales. You’ll streamline your content creation process so you can produce more in less time, deliver a newsletter that boosts sales, and send the perfect ratio of free vs. promotional content. You’ll also: Generate at least 6 months worth of sales-boosting content ideas in one sitting Master the elements of high-quality, high-converting content — even if you’re a beginner Get tools, strategies and best practices to stay consistent and reap the enormous rewards that come from executing the right communication plan At the end of this Module, you’ll know exactly what, where and how to publish content that grows your business. Done For You Communication Resources Editorial Calendar Guide that makes it easy to map out 26 weeks worth of content My Private “Outstanding Content Creator” Checklist: this is what I used to create an exclusive training for Tony Robbins’ Team Complete Email Marketing Swipe File with samples for blog updates, purchase emails and more Module 4 List Building Increase Traffic, Grow Your List & Amplify Your Reach Email marketing is one of the most profitable strategies for any business — but most creatives do it wrong, if they do it at all. In this Module, you’ll learn how to radically increase sales and growth with smart email marketing, leverage both marathon and sprint methods to keep a steady stream of traffic and leads coming to your site, and use the power of parallel audiences to boost list growth and elevate your brand. You’ll also: Understand why more traffic isn’t always what you need to boost sales and learn tricks to convert more of what you already have Discover the right (and wrong) way to connect with influencers to leapfrog your way to the top of your field Get 25 free list building strategies to help you build a high-quality list of subscribers At the end of this Module, you’ll know when and how to email your audience and connect with influencers so you can market directly to the people who want to hear from you. Done For You List Building Resources Ready-To-Send Email Templates to connect with influencers Complete List Building Email Swipe File with ready-to-go templates for confirmation emails, welcome emails and more Guest Post Pitch letter to help you get published online Module 5 Offerings Create Raving Fan Customers With Outstanding Offers The key to a profitable, long-term business is knowing how to create raving fan customers. In this Module, you’ll learn a dead-simple method to discover exactly what your customers really want to buy and how to position your offering to maximize sales. Plus, you’ll learn why proactive sales prevention can be your biggest sales booster, the 5 factors that control how much you can charge, the 7-step checklist for high-converting offers and — if you plan to offer any programs online — a deep dive punch list for the do’s and don’ts of online program delivery. Leverage the “solution secret” that can help your products and services sell like hotcakes Discover the “Before, During, After” strategy to create raving fan customers for life Understand the top 8 creative cul-de-sacs (aka time and money sucks) that almost everyone falls into and how to avoid them By the end of this Module, you’ll know how to position, price and deliver products and services that not only set you apart, but create outstanding customer experiences and true raving fans. Save You Time Resources & Checklists The exact software we use in our business for video editing, PDF creation, webinars, teleseminars, landing pages, project management, email marketing, affiliate management, shopping carts, web hosting and more Our private rolodex of the best-in-class vendors — including graphic design, program delivery, transcriptions, bookkeeping, etc. The Ultimate Program Delivery Checklist: this comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts includes everything you need to deliver an outstanding customer experience Module 6 Marketing Master Timeless Marketing To Maximize Sales & Profits Marketing and sales are the lifeblood of any sustainable business. In this crucial Module you’ll master the tools of authentic influence and inspire customers to buy now — in a way that’s full of integrity. Learn to write head-turning headlines, blog post titles and social media updates that increase engagement and sales, and discover why customer procrastination can ruin your business if left unchecked and what to do about it. Once you understand the real psychology of sales, it doesn’t matter how technology or platforms change, you’ll thrive! You’ll also: Understand the importance of risk-reversal and how to use it to increase sales and customer satisfaction Navigate the overwhelming world of online marketing and choose only the most effective strategies that fully align with your values Discover the 5 disciplines of modern marketing and how to make sure you’re constantly improving your skills and seeing the rewards By the end of this Module, you’ll have the tools you need to set your business on a path of continued growth. Done For You Marketing Resources The Can’t Resist It Money-Back Guarantee to copy/paste for your programs Headline Swipe Files: My personal collection of the most compelling headlines to inspire your own copywriting My Hand-Picked List of “Must Read” Marketing Resources — both online and off

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