[Special Offer] Arman Assadi – 7-Figure Copywriting Secrets

[Special Offer] Arman Assadi – 7-Figure Copywriting Secrets

[Special Offer] Arman Assadi – 7-Figure Copywriting Secrets

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Arman Assadi – 7-Figure Copywriting Secrets

Arman Assadi – 7-Figure Copywriting SecretsWHAT’S WAITING FOR YOU:

  • MODULE 1: THE CRITICAL “CONVERSION COPYWRITING” FUNDAMENTALS In this module you’ll learn the “unconventional” foundation Arman says is responsible for his incredible copy success: Art + Science + Authenticity. This unique framework will forever change the way you view and write your copy.
    • Lesson 1: 7-Figure Copywriting Overview
    • Lesson 2: Philosophy On World Class Copy: Science + Art
    • Lesson 3: Quickstart Copywriting Formulas
    • Lesson 4: “Mind Reading” Market Research
    • Lesson 5: Crafting Your Customer Avatar
    • Lesson 6: Selling Transformation Not Information
    • Lesson 7: The F.A.B. Principle To Simple Selling
  • MODULE 2: THE 10-STEP COPYWRITING FRAMEWORK This module you’ll take a deep dive into Arman’s proven 10-step framework for writing compelling copy. From start to finish he shows you everything you need to write copy that converts for any kind of promotion.
    • Lesson 1: Writing Attention Grabbing Headlines
    • Lesson 2: How To Set Up The Problem & Solution
    • Lesson 3: Selling Benefits & Results
    • Lesson 4: Mastering Credibility & Social Proof
    • Lesson 5: How To Make Your Offer
    • Lesson 6: Using Bonuses To Stack Value
    • Lesson 7: The Right Way To Reveal Your Price
    • Lesson 8: How To Authentically Inject Scarcity & Urgency
    • Lesson 9: Creating Your No Brainer Guarantee
    • Lesson 10: A Powerful & Clear Call To Action
  • MODULE 3: WRITING COPY FOR DIFFERENT MEDIUMS In this module you’ll discover all the critical nuances of writing copy for different mediums. From writing sales pages to webinars, it’s all here. With multi-millions in sales data, Arman knows the exact “quick tweaks” you should make to see the greatest results.
    • Lesson 1: Writing Headlines For All Kinds Of Copy
    • Lesson 2: Headline Examples & Exercise
    • Lesson 3: High-Converting Sales Pages
    • Lesson 4: Simple Landing Page Copy That Works
    • Lesson 5: Scripting A Video Sales Letter
    • Lesson 6: Writing Winning Webinars
  • MODULE 4: EMAIL COPYWRITING Since email remains the #1 driver of sales for online businesses, this module shows you how to make more money from it right away. You’ll learn how to quickly write both campaign and broadcast emails that your subscribers are eager to read and excited to buy from
    • Lesson 1: Email Copywriting Secrets
    • Lesson 2: How To Sell With Broadcast Emails
    • Lesson 3: Automated Multi-Email Campaigns
    • Lesson 4: Different Email Stories & Narratives

Salepage: Arman Assadi – 7-Figure Copywriting Secrets

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