Save time and boost your digital reach using RSS feeds

Save time and boost your digital reach using RSS feeds

Save time and boost your digital reach using RSS feeds

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Do you find it takes far too much time to share some of your excellent digital content once you’ve created it? First you have to post it via Twitter, then to Facebook, and then don’t forget to include it in your next email newsletter or update.

Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to automate much of this process, so that every time you added a new blog post or new content to your site it was automatically distributed to various channels? And wouldn’t it be particularly useful if there was a free tool to help you do this?

Good news. There is. RSS. Really Simple Syndication. You probably recognise its small square orange logo but have never been quite sure what it does.

This course guides you through making the most of it in four key ways:

  • automate sharing your latest website content to another website (to reach a bigger audience)
  • automate sharing your latest content via your email alerts
  • automate sharing your latest content via your Twitter account
  • automate sharing your latest content via more social channels – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more

Once you’ve set RSS up, it will just run, day in day out, sharing your content to a wide audience in multiple locations.

Think of the time you could save by automating one or more of these tasks. 

No coding is required. This really is as straightforward as it sounds.

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