Quickstart Online Marketing Guide for Fitness Professionals

Quickstart Online Marketing Guide for Fitness Professionals

Quickstart Online Marketing Guide for Fitness Professionals

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This course is for health, fitness and wellness professionals who are new to the industry or do not yet have any structure to their existing business in terms of online marketing. It will help you narrow down your ideal client so your marketing becomes more effective, saving you time, money and energy. We move step by step through the key components which include getting yourself in front of your ideal audience, the importance of creating a free valuable resource and how to produce one quickly through to regularly staying in touch with your online followers. 

A workbook has been created to help you explore the best online marketing for you! It is a place to record your idea’s and research which will be valuable as you progress your marketing. 

This course is taught via video’s, presentations and tutorials which take your through different pieces of free software. It is broken down into manageable and actionable lessons and will only take 1 hour to complete. 

So if you are in the health, fitness or wellness industry and do not currently have structure to your online marketing then this course will be perfect for you….you will hit the road running right from the start!

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