Prelaunch Marketing Guide for products: Planning & Execution

Prelaunch Marketing Guide for products: Planning & Execution

Prelaunch Marketing Guide for products: Planning & Execution

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Are you looking for a SOLID PRELAUNCH STRATEGY?

Do you want to create a BUZZ about your PRODUCT?

Do you want to execute a PRELAUNCH PLAN with 0$ INVESTMENT?

Learn the ultimate tested & verified Prelaunch strategy that I used for my Prelaunch Marketing campaigns, and learn the art of turning a visitor to the potential customer for your product in the PRELAUNCH PHASE with 0$ investment, also, learn how to write & communicate with extremely PERSONALISED EMAILS!!!

I am going to build one WHOLE PRELAUNCH STRATEGY in the course so that it would be easy for you to understand. The whole course is divided into several parts & each topic is explained in the easiest way possible!!!!

Here are the topics that we are going to cover in this COURSE –

  • How to do competitive analysis

  • What type of landing pages converts the most

  • Ninja techniques to select the right target audience

  • How to write extremely personalised emails

  • How to build a solid influencer relationship via email communication

  • How to use social media channels for your product

  • Important of joining different social media groups

  • How to take testimonials from clients and a lot more!!!!!

FREE EMAIL TEMPLATES!!! This course includes absolutely FREE personalised emails templates and FREE first liners templates which will help you in turning potential customers into customer!!


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