Paul Janka – Secrets To Meeting Women

Paul Janka – Secrets To Meeting Women

Paul Janka – Secrets To Meeting Women

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Paul Janka – Secrets To Meeting Women Paul Janka give details from picking-up women to creating sexual connection. List of Topics Covered: – How to engage any woman immediately – The correct way to pick up an attractive woman – What almost every guy is doing wrong when he goes out to the bar – Learn to engage women who are “on the job.” – How to make her willing to meet you at your place. – What you should almost never to say to a woman when you’re asking her for her phone number – How to create an atmosphere that leads to sex – The best time to pick up a woman – Learn to take the blinders off and meet 10x more women during your daily routine – How to master the “COLD STOP,” – Develop “mojo” to charm ALMOST any woman, anywhere you go. – How to develop a bulletproof personality – Paul Janka’s sure fire method for guaranteeing that even if a woman flakes out on a date — that he will still getting some ‘action’ that night. – How to have fun, playful chat that makes women fall hard for you. – When to follow up with a woman so that it feels natural. – Learn subtle dynamics of the pick up so that you’ll know exactly what she’s thinking and you can effortlessly number close without rejection. – What to do when you get a woman back to your apartment so that she feels comfortable enough with you to take her clothes off. – Discover how to create a sexual connection. – How to make the initial approach feel completely spontaneous. – Learn to maintain equality in the relationship and allow it to play out under your terms so that you maintain balance and chemistry in the relationship. – Ways to feel cool, calm and collected when you approach girls. – Get her to fork over her digits in under 2 minutes. – Learn to use the immediate environment to your benefit. – Hear real life stories of my successes and failures in pick up, including wild situations I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t see them with my own eyes.

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