Oren Klaff – Cold Email Outreach

Oren Klaff – Cold Email Outreach

Oren Klaff – Cold Email Outreach

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This is instant access to the tools to double and triple revenue and create an overflowing pipeline. How does it work? By showing you what experienced executives expect to see in your email, and what they will (and won’t) respond to. Get 90%+ response rates. If you want a response (and a buyer) from every single email – this is what works. Dozens of case studies with templates and explanation of how to apply to your situation. All of the scripts, and techniques are the product of years of heavy real-world use by Oren’s 3000+ clients. Templates to change the way you approach cold emailing so that you and your company can get as many leads and prospects as you need. Over 300 hours of live instruction was reviewed, distilled and compressed to this material. Email Layers. This course breaks an email down into 4-basic layers, and what to put in each layer, word for word. The strategy and logic behind Oren’s methods. Once you know what actually works and why, you can immediately apply it to your own industry and audience. 39 Individual lessons with scripts and templates. These are real world applications with all the strategy and logic behind Oren’s methods. THE 6 CRITICAL THINGS YOU’LL LEARN HOW TO START AN EMAIL AND END CORRECTLY Most people think the start of an email is the most important part (it’s not) and they blow the deal in the final sentence. Learn how to finish a cold outreach with the correct call to action. GET ANY CALL YOU WANT, GET ANY MEETING YOU NEED To get high response rates, you have to know how to write the way people talk, and then how nail the call-to-action. DISCOVER EXACTLY WHAT TO WRITE TO PROSPECTS, INVESTORS & PARTNERS These email strategies also include word- for-word scripts that show you exactly what to write, to the point you can copy/paste and just change a few details. HOW TO FOLLOW UP In just 30 words (about the length of a tweet,) you have to offer your prospect an action that demands very little of him. And it should take him less than 30 seconds to take that action. Learn how to do that now. REACH THE BUSY C-LEVEL Now you can reach a C-level executive any time you want to (or need to), so you can build a career, sell more product or launch new company. REACH ANY INVESTOR This course will rewire the way you approach investors, and show you how to offer them something they can’t resist. What You Get: 4 MODULES Module 1: Cold Sales Emails Module 2: Getting Attention Module 3: Getting Past Gatekeepers Module 4: Emailing Investors 38 INDIVIDUAL VIDEO LESSONS INCLUDING Three Places Cold Outreach Emails Fail Reaching C-Level Executives Cold email campaign case study The Structure of a Good Introduction Email The Mindset of a Gatekeeper How to Cold Email Investors Getting Past the Analyst Frame Emailing Potential Employers 1 BONUS MODULE Emailing Hacks – How to Find Hard to Reach People EMAIL SCRIPTS Full Scripts Used Successfully by Real Companies COPY/PASTE EMAIL TEMPLATES Easy to Copy Text to Use in Your Next Campaign      

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