This course explores a completely different way to manage your option positions. Using Combinations of tactics to control the Greeks of the Positions In this course, I teach extensive ways to manage your positions by the Greeks And How to control The Greeks of your Position in relation to one another This course covers 8-10 one hour sessions using ON-LINE CLASSES, VIDEOS, PDFS, LIVE TRADING AND HISTORICAL RESULTS. Learn the Option Elements unique perspective on Combining tactics together to better control the Greeks of your position Combination Strategies

  • Definition
  • The difference between a Strategy & a Tactic
  • Short & Long
  • The problem with singular Strategies
  • High Probability
  • Low Probability
  • Others

Tactic Combinations and the effect on Your Strategy

  • Iron Condor’s vs. Combo’s
  • Butterflies vs. Combo’s
  • Calendars vs. Combo’s
  • Combining Debit Spreads and Condors
  • Combining Vertical Spreads and Butterflies
  • Combining Butterflies, Credit Spreads & Calendars
  • Combining Ratio Spreads, Debit Spreads & Calendars

Why & When to Adjust

  • Basic Rules
  • Different Types of Adjustments on the Upside
  • Different Types of Adjustments on the Downside
  • The Importance of Timing
  • The Best Methodology for You

Different Styles and Psychology of Each Trader

  • Using the “weekly” options in Combinations
  • Proper sequence for entering Multi-Leg Combo’s
  • Importance of Back Testing & its limitations
  • Psychology
  • Understanding Probabilities

Preparing a Good Plan

  • What it Consists of
  • Risk Management
  • When to Trade & When not to Trade
  • Consistency

The Greeks and their Impact on Combo’s

  • Review of the Greeks
  • Greek Ratios
  • Greek Trends
  • How to manage the Greeks
  • What it is Key in our Trading
  • The importance of Volatility
  • Implied VOL and Historical VOL

How to get the Best Executions

  • The Importance of Good Executions
  • Timing
  • Ways to Buy and Sell
  • The Role of Market Makers
  • The Importance of a Good Trading Platform

Salepage: Optionelements – Option Combination Strategies Recorded Course