Online Business Superhero Summit 2015

Online Business Superhero Summit 2015

Online Business Superhero Summit 2015

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What’s Inside the Superhero Pack? Reserve the Superhero Pack and you’ll receive complete Summit recordings of these TEN brand new, hyper-practical & valuable training sessions to help you massively grow your business. This material is valued at $10,000+ and you’ll receive the exact same “hush hush” strategies that others paid THOUSANDS for that are quietly generating thousands of clients & millions in revenues. Day 1: How to ‘Cold Email’ Any VIP, Build a Relationship, and Turn that Relationship into Revenue With John Corcoran The 5 things you MUST do if you want your emails to be opened, read and responded to by VIPs you admire How to go from getting your emails opened to building a genuine relationship How to go from a genuine relationship to building your income based on these relationships with VIPs and Influencers John will also share 5 of his best email templates you can use to connect with the VIPs you want to build relationships with Day 2: More Sales and Revenue Using the Power of Auto-Selling: 3 Time-Tested Strategies Used by Top Online Marketers to Generate More Sales Automatically! With Jon Benson Auto-Selling™ is Jon’s method for putting online sales on autopilot by flooding the buying center of your prospect’s mind with a stream of positive yes experiences This is done in 3 simple steps revealed in the Workshop If you are struggling online, or if you’re a seasoned pro looking for an extra zero on your balance sheet, this is one online event you must attend Day 3: Grow to 8 Figures Per Year With This One “Weird” Idea With Jason Fladlien Any audience you wish to reach is inherently selfish – and that’s good! They want to be able to trade a little time and money for a lot of value – specifically value that minimizes excruciating problems they are facing on a day to day basis. Pain points are necessary, benefits are optional. The real question is – who are you to be the one to provide the solutions to them? And how can you do it so they get that better solution from you than from anywhere else. And lastly, how do you do it in the most efficient way possible and without making deals with devils? Believe it or not, it’s easier than you think. In fact, Jason Fladlien is going to lay it out to you in step by step format with specific examples that contribute to over 8 figures per year in sales and happy customers. Day 4: 5 Key Strategies To Grow Your Web Traffic: Learn How to Get over 5 Million Visitors a Year to Your Blog & Website Without Paying Google or Facebook a Cent! With Jeff Bullas Discover the key social media network that will drive the most traffic Learn how to automate your content marketing that will save you 110 hours per month Find out what is the hottest tactic for growing your web traffic for free Get a chance to ask questions during our live Q&A session Day 5: The 4 Pillars of “Authentic Sales” To Have More of the Right People Saying “Yes” to You! With Sage Lavine Master the most important skill you’ll need to build a sustainable six or seven figure business, create recurring income, have a freedom lifestyle AND give back! Learn the 4 the pillars of authentic sales that will create connection every time? connection is currency and people buy from people they trust! Learn the million-dollar question to ask in any sales conversation to transition authentically and effortlessly from connecting with your prospect into offering your services resulting in you getting hired by ALL the right clients. Day 6: 5 Steps To Creating An Extremely Lucrative, Fun & 100% Scaleable High Ticket Coaching Business In 3 Days Or Less From Scratch With Mario Brown Discover How To Create The Ultimate Lifestyle Coaching Business From Scratch Learn Mario’s exact strategy to generate high quality leads who can’t wait to invest in your services Discover step by step how to convert the leads into your ideal paying customers Copy Mario’s proven formula to automate & scale everything the right way for maximum freedom Day 7: How to Generate Leads, Sales, and Profits By Writing a Bestselling Book in a Weekend With Alicia Dunams Discover what’s keeping you from writing a book and how you can instantly overcome it! (Alicia really knows how to inspire action) 5 proven and easy steps to write not just any book, but a bestselling book, in one weekend How to select a title and subtitle that sells How to catapult yourself to the top ranks of the world’s biggest bookseller: Day 8: Attract More Leads with the “Secret” Marketing Funnel that’s Quietly Making Millions for the Biggest Marketers Online Today! With Todd Brown How to identify the exact marketing funnel hook your specific prospects will respond to like crazy? THE REVERSE UPSELL OFFER: The most powerful upsell offer you can make to new customers (regularly converts over 52%)! You’ll never think of structuring your upsell offers the same again! 3 things your marketing funnel must get prospects to believe? before you present your offer.. so they buy from you without any hesitation? How to bump your sales conversions above 8% with Dynamic Sequences and Behavioral Triggers? How to use the power of a “Big Idea” so your marketing and offer stand-outs in any marketplace! (This is the secret behind the Big Money Funnels) WARNING!: Why you should NEVER use a traditional upsell sequence like most marketers recommend. (And… the exact sequence you should use instead to MULTIPLY your sales from every new customer) How to leverage paid traffic to pump thousands of prospects through your funnel every month? at a profit? starting with any budget? …and much, MUCH MORE Day 9: Wealth Through Webinars : How to Optimize Online Webinars to Make a BIG Difference… and Make BIG Money! With Justin Livingston The difference between disappointing results and really knocking it out of the park are what happens BEFORE and AFTER the actual event.

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