Nik Armenis – Ecom Nomads The Google Ads Playbook

Nik Armenis – Ecom Nomads The Google Ads Playbook

Nik Armenis – Ecom Nomads The Google Ads Playbook

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What’s Included:
  • ​50+ Videos of Step-By-Step Video Training to help fast track your Ecommerce success & scale your store
  • ​​Learn How to Profitably Run Google Ads For Your Store: Master the entire Google Network Including Shopping, Search, Google Display Network, Youtube & Much More )
  • Lifetime Access to Ongoing Updates: ​These will be regular and will ensure you stay on top of all trends!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Google Ads Strategies & Mindset: The Intricacies of the Google Network Explained & the Mindset Needed for Beating the Amazons of the World.
  • Module 2 – How to Properly Set Up Your Store For Google: Learn the exact way I lay out stores so they are optimised for converting with when using Google Ads.
  • ​Module 3 – Product Research Strategies for Google Ads: I’ll run through loads of different practical and strategic product research strategies that will help with finding products to sell on both Google & Facebook.
  • ​Module 4 – Google Analytics & Account Set Up:Proper Google Analytics Set Up & a Complete Set Up Guide for All Google Accounts. You’ll also learn all my secret remarketing audiences I use to generate tons of high ROI sales.
  • Module 5 – The Ultimate Google Ads Strategy: Build a personalised Google Ads strategy for your store. No one size fits all strategies here.
  • ​Module 6 – Google Shopping Masterclass: Master Google Shopping with never before seen tactics that allow you to get the low hanging fruit first, so you can start making money faster.
  • ​Module 7 – Advanced Level Google Search: Learn how to properly run Google Search Ads for Ecommerce.
  • Module 8 (updating) – Google Display Network: Navigate the Powerful Google Display Network which covers over 92% of the websites online.
  • ​Module 9 (updating) – Retargeting Tactics: Learn my Advanced Retargeting Strategies which cover both Google & Facebook.
  • ​Module 10 (updating) – Killer Scaling Methods to grow your business: Learn how to scale using the WHOLE Google Ads Network.
  • Module 11 (updating) – Back End Profit Maximising Techniques: Learn my personal Average Order Value maximising techniques & best practise conversion optimisation.

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