Michael Laurens – 7 figure Agency Sales System

Michael Laurens – 7 figure Agency Sales System

Michael Laurens – 7 figure Agency Sales System

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Welcome To7-Figure Agency 2.0 A Straight Forward System to Get Booked Appointments, Close Clients & Scale your Business! Introducing 7-Figure Agency 2.0 Are you an Agency Owner, Service Provider, or Entrepreneur who sells online and want your pipeline filled with 300+ appointments with your idea client every single month? 7-Figure Agency Sales Systems is a course and program specifically designed to take agency owners and online service providers from manual prospecting and wondering if this is ever going to work out, to having a very specific system in place which is going to allow you to generate 20 to 30 booked appointments every single day! You’re going to get a step by step process to building out your prospecting, sales and fulfilment system, and building your sales team so that you can close clients while stepping away from your sales process. Some of Our Successful Students Our students and clients aren’t just satisfied, they’re getting leads, closing clientsand growing their businesses!  

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