Local SEO Marketing For Professional Results

Local SEO Marketing For Professional Results

Local SEO Marketing For Professional Results

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Do you need help with your Local SEO?

Having worked in multiple marketing agencies over the years, and having helped literally over 1500 individual businesses with their local search efforts, we've learned not only exactly what a business needs to be found, but exactly how much they are taken advantage of by consultants and marketing agencies.

This course shows a brief overview of how agencies work, so that you can understand that they aren't offering you anything unique, and then we go directly into how you can do Local SEO yourself!

That's right! You can get better-than-agency results, without an agency or marketing consultant!

You will learn:

  • How to get listed and found on Google Maps!
  • How to show up on the top of Google Search!
  • How to optimize your website inside and out!
  • How to claim & verify local Google Business pages, as well as 50 other top citation sources!
  • Which services to use to automate and simplify Local SEO
  • What to do to get more, positive reviews!

With this course, you will never rely on agencies or consultants for Local SEO again!!!

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