John Jantsch – Referral Engine Pro

John Jantsch – Referral Engine Pro

John Jantsch – Referral Engine Pro

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Harness the Power of Referrals to Ensure a Steady Flow of New Customers Introducing the Referral Engine Pro course based on the best selling book by John Jantsch There was a time when marketers would simply create a product or brand, broadcast a compelling message, and send the sales folks out to hunt down new business. Over the past few years, in large part due to the explosion of online tools and networks, customers and prospects are now active participants in the creation of products, services, brands, positioning, messages, and subsequent buzz – for good or bad. The power of glitzy advertising and elaborate marketing campaigns is on the wane; word- of-mouth referrals are what drive business today. People trust the recommendation of a friend, family member, colleague, or even stranger with similar tastes over anything thrust at them by a faceless company. Once you understand the importance of building a Referral Engine, things get a whole lot easier. This self-guided course will show you how to craft a strategy that compels customers and partners to voluntarily participate in your marketing, to create positive buzz about your products and services to friends, neighbors, and colleagues. While it may feel a bit odd to suggest that you can actually compel someone to perform a voluntary act, you’ll find that the pull of a fully developed Referral Engine is so strong that your brand supporters will feel as though they have no choice but to sing your praises. Introducing: Referral Engine Pro Self-Guide Course Referral Engine Pro is broken up into four important lessons housed in an online portal so you can go through each lesson and action plan at your own pace and return to consume the additional resources over and over again. You can even give your entire sales team or staff access to the lessons. The lessons include a video presentation of the key points by John Jantsch and are based on over twenty years of working with small business owners building referral system. Each lesson includes: – A video overview – PDF version of the slides – Video transcript – Action steps – Supplemental content Here’s an overview of what’s contained in each lesson Session #1 – Your Referral Marketing Strategy Before you can begin creating the tactics aimed at generating more referrals you’ve got to make sure you are referable. This starts with developing a marketing strategy that ultimately leads every customer down the path of becoming a referral source. In this session, you will: – Get your clients to teach you how to stand out – Find and fill the gaps in your marketing – Narrowly define your ideal client – Formulate your core differentiation – Create a list of statements that trigger referrals – Create a customer listening station< Session #2 – Educate Your Referral Sources If you’ve ever gotten a referral that wasn’t a good fit for your business then you know that one of the most important elements of referral generation is to teach your referral sources who makes a great referral and the right way to make an introduction to your business so that a prospect fully appreciates the unique value you bring. In this session, you will: – Create a targeted list of referral sources – Create a tool for making perfect introductions – Develop a list of referral champions – Develop a best of class team of potential strategic partners – Build a list of phrases every referral source must know – Create a process that attracts referral sources like crazy Session #3 – Customer Offers and Campaigns Once you’ve built your strategy and education process you can go to work on creating the tools and campaigns that make it easy for your referral sources to share, introduce and refer business. In this session, you will: – Learn how to get more introductions – The 5 most effective referral campaigns – How to put your referral offers on auto-pilot – How to develop the tools that make referring  your business a breeze Session #4 – Launch and Follow-up In the final session you’ll discover how to activate your strategic partner network and create the follow-up that turns introductions into clients. – Create your strategic partner program – Add ways to motivate your referral sources – Create the process to makes sure every referral is special – Launch your first customer referral campaign – Launch your first strategic partner initiative

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