Joe De Sena – Mental Toughness

Joe De Sena – Mental Toughness

Joe De Sena – Mental Toughness

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Salepage: Joe De Sena – Mental Toughness

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Joe De Sena – Mental Toughness



  • Jeff Bezos started Amazon from his garage in 1994. And didn’t turn a profit until 2003… Elon Musk didn’t turn a profit on Tesla for over a decade…
  • Richard Branson’s first two attempts at entrepreneurship (growing and selling Christmas trees, and pet birds) failed… His first real business, Student magazine, didn’t make money and Branson “seemed doomed for failure”…
  • Oprah was born so poor, she had to wear dresses made out of potato sacks… at 9, she was abused… Today, she is one of the 10 richest self-made women in America.
  • Steve Jobs was fired from Apple – the company he started from his family’s garage…

What made these people keep going?

Not special talent… Not special knowledge… Not money… Just mental toughness – the self-belief to commit, to execute, and keep working toward their goal.

THIS IS WHAT SEPARATES THE WINNERS FROM THE QUITTERS… And the good news for you is… just like learning piano, or math, or cooking… this is a skill you can learn, develop… and strengthen… and rely on to give you the mental toolkit you need to get through any tough situation you encounter for the rest of your life…


  • LESSON 1: THE GAME PLAN How to get the most out of this course.
  • LESSON 2: THE EXACT PROCESS JOE USES TO TURN “QUITTERS” INTO PEOPLE WHO COMMIT Follow this simple strategy and you will light a fire inside you so hot you will not rest, you will not quit, until you conquer your most important goals.
  • LESSON 3: LEARN HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN DAILY SUCCESS BLUEPRINT THAT PRACTICALLY GUARANTEES YOU WILL WIN EVERY DAY / WEEK / YEAR This antidote to “toxic hustle culture” breaks down everything you need to do to progress in your business, without compromising your physical or mental health.
  • LESSON 4: THE “SECRET WEAPON” THAT CAN HELP YOU OVERCOME ALMOST ANY OBSTACLE The difference between the people who DO and the people who DON’T boils down to this one simple thing – “the zero contingency plan.”
  • LESSON 5: BUILDING UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE Many entrepreneurs are held back by the belief they aren’t smart enough, don’t have the right resources, or don’t have the drive. There will always be people who had less and achieved more. In this lesson Joe shares his personal process for achieving peak confidence and getting started.
  • LESSON 6: “MOMENTUM OVER MARGIN” Get the mental defense mechanisms to overcome business temptations, and ultimately 10X your returns.
  • LESSON 7: HOW TO BE A PHENOMENAL LEADER In this lesson, Joe shares the surprising reason for Spartan’s phenomenal success – and how you can use it to make your employees feel more empowered, and invested in the success of your business.
  • LESSON 8: HOW TO TURN FAILURES INTO STEPPING STONES ON YOUR PATH TO SUCCESS Business is the ultimate contact sport. Everything that can go wrong will. What happens if you lose a significant amount of money, a contract falls through, or you are forced out of business? Joe shares his methods for doing damage control, and digging your way out of almost any situation.
  • LESSON 9: JOE’S FOOLPROOF ANTI-BURNOUT PLAN If you’re having a lack of enthusiasm about your work… If you’re feeling disengaged… If you feel like you’re not seeing any real progress… This lesson will be a game-changer.
  • LESSON 10: MASTERING THE MONEY MINDSET Discover Joe’s process for eliminating emotional connections to money, so you can keep focused, and keep your perspective on what’s really important in your business.
  • LESSON 11: HOW THE WORLD’S BEST WIN After interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaching dozens of business clients, and interacting with thousands of elite-level athletes, Joe reveals the three overlapping characteristics 90% of these top performers share.
  • LESSON 12: READY FOR ANYTHING In this final lesson, Joe focuses on helping you bring it all together so you’re prepared to take on any challenge, and achieve any goal.

Salepage: Joe De Sena – Mental Toughness

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