Jason Hornung – Facebook FB Ads Profit Maximizer Bootcamp

Jason Hornung – Facebook FB Ads Profit Maximizer Bootcamp

Jason Hornung – Facebook FB Ads Profit Maximizer Bootcamp

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For business owners selling products and services online… How To Get A Steady Stream Of Buyers & Customers from Facebook™ Ads without losing money or getting your account shut down…Dear Entrepreneurial Friend,Have you ever spent a bunch of time, energy and money building out a lead magnet, offer, funnel and ads to go along with it……and then when you start a Facebook™ ad campaign – NOTHING converts?Or your conversions suck and you lose money?I have – it’s a terrible feeling!I hear complaints about this ALL the time.Or have you gotten an account up and running, you’re producing results and then one day BAM!You get a little email from Facebook™ saying your account has been terminated? It’s gut wrenching…And when you try to get a hold of someone to fix the problem it takes days or weeks…Only to get a form email back saying “sorry – you’re screwed”?Or – what’s probably even worse……have you gotten a campaign working at a small level – $50, $100 maybe $500 per day…And when you’ve tried to scale the campaign higher – it goes totally out of whack and you lose money?If any of that resonates with you, then read this important letter VERY CAREFULLY as you’re going to FINALLY get the solution to all of these problems…Before I get into the nitty gritty… Here’s What People Think AreThe Reasons For These Problems… Over the last 5 years, I’ve talked to hundreds of online entrepreneurs who run Facebook™ ads (or want to run them)…This is what I hear time and time again:“I don’t know how to write ads”“I don’t know how to target properly”“I don’t know the right strategy to get people to convert”“There’s so many options inside of the Facebook™ ads manager, I get overwhelmed and am not sure what to do”If that sounds familiar… Here’s REALLY Why You Haven’t BeenSuccessful Yet… You don’t have step by step PROVEN SYSTEMS & PROCESSES for planning, optimizing & scaling Facebook™ ad campaigns! Here’s Why Systems Are SOIMPORTANT… “For a business to survive and thrive, 100 percent of all the systems must be functioning and accountable. For example: An airplane is a system of systems. If an airplane takes off and the fuel system fails, there often is a crash. The same things happen in business. It’s not the systems that you know about that are the problem – it’s the systems you are not aware of that cause you to crash”– Robert Kiyosaki, The Cashflow Quadrant Here’s The Solution… It’s what I call…The 6 Step Facebook Conversion Code&tade; The Inception Campaign Planning System&tade; The Alchemy Targeting Method&tade; The 8 Point Psycho-Analytical Ad Creation Process&tade; The Archetypical Campaign Setup System&tade; The Absolute Threshold Optimization Process&tade; The 3D Profit Scaling System 2.0&tade; These are the complete A-Z proven, step by step processes and systems……for planning, optimizing and scaling Facebook&tade; ad campaigns that I use in my 7 figure advertising agency to get amazing results for my clients…Now I realize, I’ve made some pretty bold claims…Let me briefly tell you about me and why I can make these bold claims so you know what we’re talking about today isn’ bullshit… Who Is Jason Hornung? President & Creative Director of JH Media LLC (formerly Jason Hornung Agency, Inc.), One of the Most Sought After Digital Agencies in the World, Specializing in FB Ads In-Demand Speaker & International Marketing Consultant Creator of The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Facebook Ads Leading Authority on Facebook Marketing and FB Advertising Manages $500,000+ per month in FB Ad spend Guys like Frank Kern, who had this to say: In January of 2014 alone – in just one month – I ran a campaign for Ryan Deiss and the team at Digital Marketer…We generated $990,000 in revenue from just $56,000 in ad spend…That’s right, for every dollar we invested, we got $16 dollars back, like clockwork… Here’s A Few Of My Other NotableCurrent & Former Clients… Tony RobbinsAgora FinancialMike Filsaime & Andy JenkinsTodd BrownT. Harv EkerRobin SharmaBarton Publishing Here’s What Happens When YOU HaveMy Facebook™ Ads Processes &Systems Working For You… You’ll have a steady stream of high quality traffic that converts into leads and sales profitably……so you can grow your business faster and easier than ever before!Now I realize that you may be thinking – that’s all good Jason, your stuff works for really well known people, but does it work for “regular people”? The Reason I’m Here Is Simple… I’m looking for a few good men and women that want to get the same or better results I just showed you in their businesses! Before we discuss how we might work together, let me answer a few common questions first… Will This Work For Me? Over the last 3 years, I’ve worked with 124 companies around the globe…We have clients in the US, Canada, UK and Australia…We’ve sold products and services in over 30 markets successfully…Physical products, digital products, coaching services – everything…We’ve sold hearing aids, cookbooks, solar generators, DVD’s, software, books, courses, live events – you name it…As long as you’re in a market that is not prohibited on Facebook, (weapons, dating, adult)…And you have a product or service that actually delivers what you promise to your clients…And you have a way of selling your product or service online…Then Facebook ads will work for you. How Long Does This Take? When CanI Start Getting Leads & Sales? One of the processes I’ve developed is called The Guaranteed Profitability Formula™…This process is a way to map out key performance indicators for every step of your advertising, marketing and sales systems…You track these key performance indicators and measure the results against the profit benchmarks we establish before the campaigns starts…We then use this data to make strategic changes to your systems until your key performance indicators are in line to guarantee profit… How Much Will I Have To Spend On AdsEvery Month? I hear this question all the time…It’s really borne out of a fear of losing money…With our systems, we start campaigns with an extremely low test budget…We use $5/day on each ad set we’re testing…So you don’t have to spend much to figure out what works and doesn’t work…I usually tell people to budget $100 to $150/day in the testing period because that allows you to do it faster…Once you have your numbers working profitably, then you really shouldn’t think of your ad costs as an expense…Because if you’re profitable then your ad budget is being covered by your sales…So you’re technically not spending anything…At that point, the question should be “how much can I spend?” – NOT how much do I have to spend…All of the top-level marketers I work with think this way…It’s not an expense if you’re profitable…That’s free money…It’s also NOT really an expense when you’re testing because you’re “buying data”…That’s how you figure out if things are working, at what level they’re working and what you need to do next to make it work better…That data is valuable and should be considered an investment, not an expense…So now that we’ve resolved those important questions… Here’s How YOU Can Get My Processes& Systems For Running HighlyProfitable Facebook™ Ads Campaigns… This is a 6 module virtual training course that covers the EXACT systems my team and I use to manage over $500,000/month of profitable ad spend on Facebook™…Each module is a video that’s 1-3 hours long…I detail out each process, step-by-step…Demonstrating things along the way…Along with each video is a step-by-step execution plan for that specific process or system…This is by far, the most complete, the most clear, the most easy to follow system for doing Facebook™ ads ever created…Now I don’t say that lightly!I regularly have people telling me they’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars for Facebook™ training that didn’t work or didn’t make sense… Here’s What’s Included In The FB AdsProfit Maximizer Bootcamp: Have you ever felt like doing Facebook™ ads is a bunch of guesswork…Where you just HOPE to find something that works?It doesn’t have to be that way!This module will walk you through the entire process we use in my agency to get inside the head of our ideal customer…Hence the name “Inception Campaign Planning System” ?You’ll discover how to gather CRUCIAL intelligence on your competitors AND your ideal customers…Along with how to use this information to develop offers and ads that emotionally compel BUYERS to pull out their wallet…AND BUY YOUR PRODUCT!This is the most over-looked and neglected part of running Facebook™ ads…IF you do NOT do this piece, you WILL fail… In this module, you’ll discover how to turn your intelligence gathered in module 1 into gold…I’ll walk you through a super-simple FREE tool Facebook™ gives everyone that will select the targets that contain buyers FOR YOU…That’s right, there’s no guesswork involved here either…Facebook™ will literally accept your research and then In this module, you’ll discover the simple 8-step process I use to consistently crank out ads that bring in over 7 figures of revenue…The cool part about this is you do NOT need to be a great writer!You’ll get 5 different “frameworks” that I use for Facebook™ ads…These frameworks allow you to quickly use the info you gathered in Module 1 to write ads that people LOVE…Which will generate sales profitably…AND keep your account in the good graces of Facebook™!This is actually one of the “secrets” we use in my agency to run highly profitable campaigns at HUGE scale – WITHOUT getting accounts shut down… Have you ever been inside the Facebook™ ads manager or Power Editor before?If so, you’ve seen how damn confusing it is!You got all these different campaign objectives to choose from…There’s numerous settings for targeting, bidding, ads, etc. etc.It’s a LOT to take in for most people…And the problem is, if you don’t know what you’re doing here – the chances of success are VERY SMALL…In this module, you’ll discover EXACTLY how we set up winning campaigns…I’ll walk you through all the settings we use from the start and explain WHY we use them this way…Plus, you’ll see all the insider tools we use to set up and launch campaigns that will literally save you HOURS of time and countless headaches… Part of what you’ll discover in Module 1 is how to establish the numbers for your business that will make you profitable.I call that The Guaranteed Profitability Formula™Those numbers become the “Absolute Threshold” for your business to be successful with paid media…You’re going to use these numbers as a basis for making decisions in your campaign…They will tell you what ads are working and what ads are not working…And I’ll show you EXACTLY how we manipulate these numbers within Facebook™ to optimize your campaign……so it’s producing a MINIMUM $2 to $1 return on your ads spend!This is SUPER simple and can be done with just 15-30 minutes of your time per day…It takes all the guesswork out of the process…And allows you to remove emotion from the equation…Everything is based on hard numbers that are easy to follow…Once you hit that $2 to $1 return mark, then you’re ready for: One of the worst feelings in the world is this:You get a campaign working at a small budget – say $20 per day…Then you go to scale it and you start losing money!On the surface, it doesn’t make sense…And it’s frustrating as all hell!In this module, you’re going to discover the inner secrets of the Facebook™ algorithm…So you can manipulate it to scale your campaigns as high as your tender little heart desires…WITHOUT losing money!In fact, you’ll be able to maintain healthy profit margins of at least $2 to $1 returns at any budget – even HIGHER than $5000/day…You’re going to learn how to scale campaigns on three different dimensions…You won’t find this training anywhere else…It’s a method that I invented and is the reason I’m able to help my clients and students get amazing (and documented) results with their campaigns…

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