Instagram IGTV How To – Create and promote a kickass channel

Instagram IGTV How To – Create and promote a kickass channel

Instagram IGTV How To – Create and promote a kickass channel

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Everyone’s heard of IGTV but not many people are getting into it. Right now is the perfect time to learn how to use and make the most out of IGTV. Unfortunately there’s almost no information on the internet how to do certain things with IGTV, so I’ve compiled this course with my own lessons and research on how to work around certain IGTV limitations and lessons I’ve learned running my own IGTV channel.

This course takes you from start to finish with your IGTV channel. You’ll learn how to create your channel and best practices for content creation, you’ll learn how to make sure your channel is discoverable and you’ll learn how to promote and monetize your videos. As the icing on the cake I’ll show you how you can become more efficient with scheduling your content and automating your content strategy via the incredible later app.

In this course you’ll learn:

Common problems IGTV beginners will stumble upon:

  • What to do about the 10 minute max video limit

  • How to work around some of the current IGTV limitations

  • Not doing proper editing or doing editing the wrong way

Kicking off your IGTV channel:

  • How to create your channel and and overview of where it’ll show up

  • An overview of technical equipment and video requirements for IGTV

  • How to post IGTV videos on mobile, desktop and best practices

  • How to optimize your thumbnails, intro preview and title for maximum conversions

  • How to convert your users to buy from you

Bonus Chapter: Professional video editing with DaVinci Resolve

  • Learn how to navigate around Resolve and adjust settings for vertical video

  • Learn to edit your first video with the trim & blade tool

  • Learn how to move clips & images around on the viewport & place text

  • Learn multiple quick tips on animating assets, speeding up or freezing timelines and many more

  • Learn how to adjust colors for your clips for the perfect visuals

  • Learn how to export your finished videos and how to add subtitles to them

Managing and promoting your channel:

  • An overview of where your IGTV channel shows up for other users

  • Setting up your channel and content so it shows up in the IGTV search, user’s feeds and the normal Instagram search

  • How to manage your videos via playlists

Content creation efficiency:

  • How to use the later app to plan your content strategy for the long-term

  • How to automatically publish content via the later app from either your phone or desktop

  • How to save time by saving commonly used captions and hashtags so you can easily insert them into your posts

  • How to categorize all your content on the later app so you don’t get lost long-term

After taking this course, you’ll have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of IGTV, and will be confident enough to kickstart your own channel that you’ll be able to monetize in the future.

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