Hugo Fernandez – 6 Figure Masterclass

Hugo Fernandez – 6 Figure Masterclass

Hugo Fernandez – 6 Figure Masterclass

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Hugo FernandezI am an entrepreneur in Los Angeles, author of The Client Acquisition Blueprint, and CEO of Just Digital Inc. I have personally helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their businesses with proven marketing and sales strategies. I am a frequent guest lecturer at UCLA Extension’s Entrepreneurship and New Business Formation courses. The 6 Figure Masterclass and Training Program In this program I go straight back to the fundamentals that a lot of other courses miss, which is the KEY reason why they don’t and can never work. THIS COURSE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO:

  • Let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back and create a winning mindset
  • ​Understand the fundamentals of making, keeping, and growing your income and how to apply them
  • ​Discover the right income vehicle for you and learn the skills you need to take you to 6 figures and beyond
  • Get customers and market like a pro, even if you hate sales and marketing
  • ​Dominate your market, create VALUE in the marketplace, and find the right customers that are perfect for you
  • ​Apply super effective and proven strategies for earning 6 figures year after year, regardless of the economy
  • Create a legacy you can be proud of I teach you the real and effective strategies for making 6 figures in ANY industry, regardless of your background or experience. It’s the stuff gurus don’t want you to know…

Here’s what’s covered in Week 1 – Mindset Mastery

  • Master your mindset to achieve success faster
  • ​How to turn your obstacles into opportunities
  • Strategies for transforming your environment
  • ​Setting your 6 figure goal
  • ​Mindset Toolbox: The ultimate toolbox for shifting mindset so you actually achieve your 6 figure goal

Week 2 – Your Money + Income Vehicle

  • The three buckets of money and where to start
  • ​Active income vs passive income: Which one is right for you and how to have both
  • ​Shortcut formula to 6 figures
  • How to find ​your income vehicle – if you don’t have business
  • How to fine tune your business so it becomes the income vehicle that gets you to 6 figures and beyond
  • ​Getting paid – having a point of sale

Week 3 – Getting Customers + Sales Mastery

  • An exchange of value: A philosophy that makes sales less icky
  • ​The One Sheet: A simple tool to make your sales process easier
  • Crafting a sales process that makes it easy for people to say yes to you
  • ​Overcoming objections
  • ​Make 6 figures with just 10 contacts a day

Week 4 – Marketing Domination

  • ​Introduction to marketing
  • ​Where do I find customers?
  • ​Making your marketing work so customers will buy from you
  • How to find what and why your customers buy
  • ​How to get massive attention on social media
  • The marketing assets you’ll need to grow your business

Week 5 – Productivity Secrets

  • ​Focus on what matters
  • ​Audit your days
  • ​Eliminate, automate, delegate to free up more time
  • ​Building your team to free yourself up and continue growing your income
  • ​Hiring the right people to help you get to your first 6 figures

Week 6 – Lifestyle Design + Financial Freedom

  • How to network with the right people to help you grow. Network = net worth.
  • Investing in experiences that help you grow
  • How to design a life you never need a vacation from

WHO SHOULD ENROLL IN THIS PROGRAM This program is for you if:

  • You want to live a life without limits and create a world-class lifestyle (and income)
  • ​You want to fully provide for your family, loved ones, and make a positive impact
  • ​You are willing and eager to go through the course and apply what you learn
  • ​You are a motivated, forward-looking action-taker
  • ​You’re tired of fluff and BS strategies from the ‘gurus’ that don’t work

This program is not for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix solution without putting in any effort
  • ​You are not prepared to change your mindset around money and growth
  • ​You are only focused on money and not providing any value
  • ​You are not committed to going through each of the steps in the program

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