How to market yourself (and your purpose) authentically.

How to market yourself (and your purpose) authentically.

How to market yourself (and your purpose) authentically.

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Instructors: Lena Ski

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350 + Students discovering themselves, their truth, their purpose and their message:  

“Lena is detail-orientated, knowledgeable and patient. She has a clear concept of your needs and addresses them by giving you short-term and long-term goals within your reach. She encourages and guides you. She offers her experience in a variety of fields for you to adapt to your necessities.” Carol Graham – Author (Washington, United States) 

Originally Launched in 2015, this program now gets the 2020 upgrade with love from Covid.

So TikTok, Instagram and things that just weren’t around definitely get the coverage they deserve.

Here’s what you should know about this course. 

How to’s and checklists are great, and you’ll get some powerhouse tools to meet those needs …

BUT this isn’t a course that lives on paper. It’s a being process.

What that means is it lives in the application.

That’s why when you sign up for this program you have lifetime access to unlimited upgrades, specialized content, and front row seats to experiences that amplify your brand and marketing in purposeful authentic ways. 

See you inside !!! 

So what’s this all about?  

In a world of cold calling, spam, and power-house sales, there are a lot of entrepreneurs (specifically purpose centred ones) who struggle to put themselves out there. 

·Maybe sales feel foreign. 

·Or the idea of blogging leaves you breaking out in hives. 

·Perhaps the only kind of networking you end up doing at those networking events, is with your mobile / or is it the snacks table? 

  ·Maybe … just maybe, marketing makes you want to drop your head in the sand. 

·Or perhaps this whole thing feels like an out of body experience. 

Chances are things feel inauthentic. And that’s why you’re brushing up with all this resistance. 

Resistance isn’t futile – but who needs the stress?

We see how some of the big guys (and the want-to-be’s) are amplifying themselves and making millions in ROI. Great! But all of that gives me the chills. How about you? It’s all so pushy – salesy – celeb driven and above all very over produced and fake. 

Over the years I had to personify my success formula, and tune into what’s genuine for me … In meeting those moments, and stepping into those spaces – I discovered a little bit more of who I am – and what it is that I offer. And above all, the why! 

From there people started drifting into my orbit asking me how to market themselves authentically … and to cut a long story short … here we are. 

This is an online course that helps you discover your authentic self, anchor your brand, and deliver something that’s genuine and purposeful.

It’s actually the distilled essence of one of my most popular coaching VIP programs that gets raving reviews such as: 

Lena is a very insightful. The sessions I had with her evolved easily through my ideas that were very vague to come to a more workable tangible plan. I have worked with two other business coaches locally and neither one was able to help me in the way that Lena has. She is knowlegable in the work of creating and establishing a business and is also a skilled coach. I highly recommend her services and I have been doing exactly that! Thank you Lena I am very grateful for your grace in conversation and your instinct and insights.” Catherine – Australia 

Through a series of videos, presentations, illuminating resources, insightful assignments and a dedicated support group – this course will introduce you to what it takes to be an authentic brand ambassador when it comes to the business of you. 

Ready to glow on your own terms? 

Lena Ski 

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