How My Email Marketing Performs 133 Times Above Competitors

How My Email Marketing Performs 133 Times Above Competitors

How My Email Marketing Performs 133 Times Above Competitors

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Duration: 2 hours   – Rating: 4.0514393

Instructors: Nazir Tan Amir

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"Now people are buying from me!

Nazir is definitely the person to go to for email marketing advice! I have learnt a lot from him and since implementing what he taught me, I start to see people buying my products from my email campaigns! Building relationships through email is not easy, but Nazir will teach you how." – KC Tan


This course was created with one main objective:

Helping people use emails to generate REPEAT SALES AND REFERRALS FROM EXISTING CONTACTS, without any spam!

This course is for you if you want to:

  1. Increase customer loyalty and reduce price sensitivity
  2. Improve your open and response rates for email marketing campaigns
  3. Enjoy repeat sales and referrals from your existing contacts

My email marketing campaigns experience as high as 50% open rates. As I tweak it further, I'll post updated in this course.

This course uncovers the methods and techniques I have used to boost my email response rates, reaching at least 133 times higher than the industry standard. As a result, my emails enjoy higher click-through rates and have built profitable relationships with my professional network.

You will learn tips and tricks that I have invested enormous time, effort and thought, putting me ahead of my competitors.


"short and sweet course to jumpstart my campaign

I'm in real estate and am looking for ways to market myself without spamming. This industry requires some familiarity before a client makes a purchase. And this programme helps me establish a relationship with multiple clients at one time.

I strongly recommend his course for those in the service industry." – Yurong

"Easy to follow

It's a good dummies guide to email marketing with clear explanations and well organised content! – Shirley"


I have designed this course specifically for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses who are looking to:

– Grow their business without requiring a huge database of contacts

– Market their business more effectively

Increase sales for their products and/ or services

– Enjoy repeat sales and referrals

Reduce the need for cold calls and door-knocking

Save money for their business through economical marketing

– Increase customer loyalty for their business

– Boost the brand image of the business

Convert more prospects into paying customers

Maximise ROI of advertising and marketing efforts

– Build long-term, profitable relationships with their customers

The course content is highly practical because I have never believed in sharing “grand ideas" that have never been applied.

Everything is immediately applicable, allowing you to test the methods out once you've finished the course!

The methods taught are presented in a structured and easy-to-follow manner, making it easy for even beginners to learn.

The email marketing methodology is strictly ANTI-SPAM, and requires NO purchasing or renting of databases.


"Email marketing in a nutshell.

Nazir introduces Email marketing in an easy to follow and informative way. He succinctly summarizes everything you would need to know about email marketing. Since I started putting his lessons into action, I have seen a significant increase to my monthly sales. And in a competitive industry like education it is a very sure sign of how effective these marketing strategies are." – Calvin


I conduct workshops with similar content and charge $997 per pax. You can now receive lifetime access to updated materials for so much cheaper!

Students that have gained the marketing advantage over their competitors after my workshops include:

– Financial advisers

– Property agents/ realtors

– Small business owners

– SME's

– Business and personal coaches

– Sales professionals

– Internet marketers

– Network marketers and;

– Several other entrepreneurs

Students do not require a professional writing experience and after learning the course, effective emails can be written with just 20 minutes per week.


What this course does NOT cover:

I will not look at your emails and provide consultation. Coaching requires a lot more interaction and providing advice here would be risky and irresponsible

No spamming or purchasing of cold leads – So no advice on where to purchase mailing lists.

If you are a business owner and are seeking affordable ways to effectively boost your marketing results, this is the course you need. Every day you don't utilise the methods covered in this course is another day your emails lose traffic or worse, get marked as spam!

This course also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So you have nothing to risk, and everything to gain!

Enrol today and start overcoming challenges like erratic sales, expensive marketing and tough competition, all through emails.


"What AND Why

This course not only walks through the what in terms of e-mail marketing but also goes into the why. Too many courses just talk about building lists and sending out e-mails. This course in contrast really spends the time explaining why you need to build relationships with your e-mail marketing." – Kip Ferguson


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