Hotel Management – Revenue Management

Hotel Management – Revenue Management

Hotel Management – Revenue Management

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Instructors: RAVI Sharma Hospitality Academy

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This course will enhance the Managerial understanding for those targeting to get promoted, applying for position of the Revenue Management Executive in Hotel Industry or are learning the subject out of interest.

The Module is for Online learning and will be Presented by Module Tutor.

Wishing all of you Best of Luck for your journey into Basics of Revenue Management and hope that you will enjoy it.

Learning Outcomes:

On Completion of the Module, learner will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge on the basic fundamentals of Revenue Management

  2. Understand the main tools and data required for Revenue Management

  3. Learn how to use the data with help of tools

  4. Apply Segmentation

  5. Perform forecasting analysis

  6. Perform Budgeting & Room Pricing

  7. Above all will be able to apply Revenue Management concepts to various types of hotels.

Course Structure

1. Introduction

2. Tools and Data

3. Segmentation

4. Forecasting

5. Budgeting

6. Conclusion

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