Google Tag Manager Course for Beginners

Google Tag Manager Course for Beginners

Google Tag Manager Course for Beginners

Regularprice: 49.99$   –   Saleprice: 11.99$

Duration: 40 mins   – Rating: 3.0310144

Instructors: London Marketing Academy

Reviews: 4   –  Salepage

Categories:  Marketing,Marketing Analytics & Automation   –   Sku: 1764808

Are you a Digital Marketer? Then you probably know how important it is to track data and conversions.

If you want to increase the speed that you integrate your site with new advertising and analytics platforms, GTM helps you add and update conversion scripts, social marketing pixels, remarketing tags, and many others from a visual interface without having coding knowledge.

Our trainer will be sharing their best practices for using GTM, and provide an example scenario demonstrating how the platform can be used in order to solve typical issues faced by today’s digital marketer.

Learn how to effectively leverage Google Tag Manager. Discover how to best work with accounts and containers, create custom variables, use triggers, and more. This GTM training will build your knowledge and skills, allowing you to apply this powerful tool on your (or your clients’) websites.

At the end of this course you will have an overview of what GTM is, how to use it, and how it can help you test newer marketing techniques and platforms more quickly and efficiently.

If you want to track your own conversions, user behaviour, and other macro-events without having to call a developer, then enrol in the Google Tag Manager now!

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