Google Search Console | Essential Training

Google Search Console | Essential Training

Google Search Console | Essential Training

Regularprice: 19.99$   –   Saleprice: 12.99$

Duration: 1.5 hours   – Rating: 3.6965752

Instructors: Baraq Adnan

Reviews: 55   –  Salepage

Categories:  Marketing,Search Engine Optimization   –   Sku: 1083874

Let’s understand the Google Search Console and Configuring your website to improve performance and ranking in google SERPs Results

Google Search Console is a primary key to understand the dynamics of your website, performance measure and how it will Ranks in Google Search Engine based on critical yet vital factors. 

This course will give you step-by-step training, and will provide you detailed understanding of Google Search Console. Also we will learn, how Search Console helps to monitor your website traffic, important keywords, demographics and performance for smart devices

We will cover:

– How to verified your website for Google Search Console 

– How to submit your website sitemap

–  Google Search Appearance Module

– Google Search Traffic Module

– Google Index Module

– Google Crawler Module

– Google Security Issues

– Recovery process, in case of Hacking

– Google search Console

– Conclusion

This course is ideal if you want to run a successful Website or Ecommerce store. let’s make your website more safer, stronger and popular ! 

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