Email Marketing Using Aweber to Build Your List

Email Marketing Using Aweber to Build Your List

Email Marketing Using Aweber to Build Your List

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You may be in business or you may be thinking of starting out as an internet marketer or an affiliate marketer. The key thing in any online business is to have a list and / or build a list of interested prospects / potential customers and to communicate with that list on a regular basis.

It’s all very well have ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ or even ‘subscribers’ to your channel – but if you want to ‘make sure’ that a message is delivered to your target customers – you need to communicate with them directly … straight into their inbox! Email marketing remains THE most effective way to make money online. Having one millon likes on your fanpage is useless, if you have no idea who those people are or how to get in touch with them at the click of a button! 

The thing you should always remember is that ‘the money is in the list’!! And your list, is your list. People who are associates on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, are not ‘yours’… they belong to Facebook or Instagram. The key is to get them to opt into your list, and to encourage them to want to hear from you… which means giving them things of perceived value and to nuture your list carefully.

Email marketing fell out of fashion for a while, but its made a resurgance as internet marketers experiemented with other methods, but soon realised that email is the most effective way to build your online business. One name on your list is said to be worth approx one dollar in terms of potential sales that can be made with the right emailing technique, so a database of 20,000 names could potentially be worth $20,000 in annual sales to you – when you know how to treat the list right.

On this course we bust popular myths. We look at email content and frequency… we cover what types of emails to send and when and how… everything is step by step. No previous knowledge is assumed. 

This course covers how to export your contacts list from wherever they might be now, so that you can start building a list (you don’t have to start from NIL)! The more names you have, the more your list is worth. We show you how to compare and contrast the popular email responders out there – what to look for and how to effectively compare prices. We’ll show you how to get a free trial of the email software we look at, so that you can copy exactly what you are shown.

In an internet marketers toolkit, an email software is a necessary item. It’s not a ‘nice to have’ but an essential. It’s what your entire business model is based around, so if you are interested in making money online, becoming an affiliate marketers or just learning more about internet marketing, then this is the course for you.

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