Duston Mcgroarty – Built A $1k/day Affiliate Business

Duston Mcgroarty – Built A $1k/day Affiliate Business

Duston Mcgroarty – Built A $1k/day Affiliate Business

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Imagine this… It’s 30 days from now… You wake up and look at the clock. It’s 9:27am. You grab your phone… Have a few YAAAWNS… And slide your slippers on… You make your way to the kitchen… Fire up the coffee maker… You grab a cup of joe… And make your way to the computer. The yawning ensues while you wait for the web page to load… You wipe the sleep from your eyes… Take your first sip of coffee… And as the web page finally loads… A smile stretches across your face as you proudly stare at your daily earnings… It’s only 10:00am and you’ve already earned $486.29… Not a bad day’s pay right? That’s $177,495.85 a year and only counting your earnings before 10:00am!! I mean, that 12-second commute to your computer was pretty brutal though… And how bout this ridiculous dress code here.. Since when are pants not optional?! (not optional?? yeah think on that one for a sec, lol!) In all seriousness, is that really possible? To earn $486.29 EVERY day… before 10:00am… as a complete beginner? It’s absolutely possible… A few weeks ago, actually it’s been almost a month ago now… I sat down at my desk in my home office… Logged into one of my accounts… And this is what I saw… I had already made $2,153.38 before 8:30am! Is it always like that? No, not always… Today was $328.99 when I logged in around 7am… Yesterday was $603.84 when I logged in around 8am… And the day before that was $526.20 when I logged in around 9am. Here’s the thing though… That’s just from ONE business and ONE account… crazy, I know… It still makes me feel all giddy inside when I look each morning… never gets old. I want YOU to experience the same feeling. Which is why in… 23 Days, 3 Hours, 42 Minutes, and 8 Seconds I’m going to be holding the biggest event in affiliate marketing history… Where I’ll be sharing a never-before-seen strategy that will ROCK the entire affiliate marketing world… A strategy so game-changing… Even the few remaining affiliate marketing gurus out there will be left standing in awe… You see, the gurus teach what USED TO work… Not what’s WORKING right now (of course, not all of them but most of them)… Which is why you haven’t “made it” as a SUPER AFFILIATE yet… I mean how could you? It’s not your fault… Aside from the few trainings I’ve personally released in the past… Most of the affiliate marketing training out there is just rehashed mumbo-jumbo teaching out-dated has-been strategies… Leaving you with a plan that… Even if you executed to perfection… Ultimately had no chance of ever making you any money at all. That’s NOT how I roll… If you’ve invested in any of my previous trainings, you already know this… I don’t earn a living teaching other people how to earn a living online… I’ve made a nice life for myself and my family… And the trainings I release reveal the strategies I’ve PERSONALLY used to create the life of our dreams… My trainings have NO theory… NO maybes… NO guessing… I only share what’s WORKING right now. That’s why this message you’re reading right here, TODAY is so important… Because the opportunity I’m sharing with you (if you’re a fast action-taker)… Is a once-in-a-lifetime offer to literally look over my shoulder… As I start, from scratch, and show you how to build a $1,000/day affiliate business… You’ll see EVERYTHING… every single click of the mouse… every single tap of the keyboard… I’m pulling back the curtain for a very small EXCLUSIVE group of people… More on that in a sec… First, let’s talk about why NOW is the perfect time to learn and capitalize on this never-before-seen strategy… Here’s what Forbes says about this strategy… “If you want to build your [online] business or grow your personal brand, you need to do this. The year 2020 is going to be a big one [for it].” They’re 1,000% right… 2020 is the time… The time for you is NOW… Because in 23 Days, 3 Hours, 42 Minutes, and 8 Seconds… This MASSIVE money-making opportunity will evaporate into the ether… Funny thing about money… Those who have it… focus on making more of it… And those who don’t have it… focus on WHY they don’t have it… In other words… Those who TAKE ACTION on what they learn REAP THE REWARDS… Today, you’ll be challenged to take massive action… To take a leap of faith and do something you’ve never done before… I promise you will be rewarded for taking action… One of my favorite inspirational movie quotes comes from a very unexpected movie… The movie, We Bought A Zoo. Matt Damon’s character says… “You know, sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, just literally 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery, and I promise you something great will come of it.” I love that… It’s true in so many different areas of life… Especially when it involves chasing a dream… A dream to quit your job… Be your own boss… And most importantly… Become financially free… I know what it feels like to be backed into a deep, dark financial hole… I’ve been there… I’ve lived it and breathed it… I promised myself I’d never forget that feeling… The feeling of desperation… How alone I felt… How I felt like I let my family down… And how worthless I felt… At the lowest point in my life, I decided it was time to make a change… Time to quit throwing myself a pity-party every day… Time to… Take back control of YOUR life… Have you ever heard that saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear?” Well, that’s exactly what happened to me… the teacher was my dad. Until that day, I had no clue he was an internationally-known internet marketer… I had no frickin’ clue… He took me under his wing… mentored me… taught me everything he knew… and the rest is history. I’ve since adapted all of that to affiliate marketing and created my own little online legacy… Because of how much having a mentor, like my dad, helped me get to where I am… I made a promise to ALWAYS do the same for others… To help those who truly WANT the help… Who truly BELIEVE they have the power to change their own life… Not 5 or 10 years from now… Right NOW… TODAY… You have the power to change YOUR life right here today… I’m giving you an exclusive invitation… All you have to do is reach out and accept it… I’ll tell ya how in just a sec… Right now I just HAVE to tell you more about this never-before-seen affiliate marketing strategy or I might burst… This unique strategy allows you to start with a measly $5/day advertising budget… And in 30 days or less… Turn it into a 4-FIGURE-PER-DAY income stream online… By tapping into human psychology… And giving an often overlooked method of communication a completely different application. On top of that… Once you have your NEW online business dialed in and you’re hitting your desired income level… You can start to DECREASE your advertising budget every single DAY… All while your business continues to GROW! I’m telling you… You’ve never seen ANYTHING like this before. If you choose to ACCEPT your exclusive invitation… I’ll not only share every single detail of this amazing money-making strategy… I’ll literally let you WATCH over my shoulder as I create one of these affiliate business from SCRATCH… And take it from $0 all the way to $1,000/day. It’s really the best way to learn… Forget about slide presentations and written tutorials explaining THEORY at best… What you REALLY want to see is someone PROVE their strategy WORKS. That’s exactly what you’ll see here… Every single step of this process will be recorded on video for you to watch at your leisure… Absolutely NOTHING will be left out or hidden from the camera… If I goof up… you’ll see it… and you’ll see how I fix it… I’m talking totally raw and uncut… And 100% EXCLUSIVE to a very small group of action-takers… You can check to see if you qualify in a second… First, I gotta tell you something… I’ve been “unemployed” since 2010… I know what it takes to provide for yourself and your family… I’ve had ups and downs… failures and successes… Funny thing is… every single success was a derivative of a failure. Crazy how that works. I’ve been lucky enough to have my businesses featured in Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and more… Not saying that to brag… just letting you know I’ve been around the block a time or two… What I TEACH is what I DO for a living… not the other way around. What I teach has literally been worth MILLIONS to me… And for that reason, I keep this stuff very close to my chest… It’s knowledge no one can ever take from you… Last year I started offering $10,000 Power Days… Where you can come to Austin, TX and hang with me for the day while I build YOUR business… That’s how much my time is worth… I thought about holding a live 3-day event where I would teach this entire strategy in complete detail… I planned on charging no less than $2,000 per person. However, I have no Power Days available until May… And just hearing the words, “hold a live event”, makes my face hurt… that prolly ain’t gonna happen… The only way to access to this never-before-seen affiliate marketing strategy is by accepting your EXCLUSIVE invitation today… If I ever decide to make this offer available to “outsiders”, it will be priced no less than $497… Since you’re an “insider” you can get an ALL-ACCESS PASS to this groundbreaking event… Which begins in 23 Days, 3 Hours, 42 Minutes, and 8 Seconds for just one payment of $297. Here’s how you can check to see if you qualify: 1. You absolutely MUST be an action-taker who can follow very specific instructions right down to the very last letter. 2. You absolutely MUST be business-minded and understand that the goal of advertising is to spend $1 and make back $2 (or more), and be willing to start with a $5/day advertising budget 3. You absolutely MUST be a positive thinker with an optimistic attitude… I don’t do well with “Debby Downers”. That’s it… that’s all she wrote… If you meet all three of those requirements, you’re qualified and you can accept your EXCLUSIVE invitation at the bottom of this page… Right now you have three options… Option #1: Nada Do nothing and stay where you’re currently at stuck with what you’ve currently got… Option #2: DIY Do it yourself… Which I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, that’s kinda impossible cuz like… I’ve never shared this strategy anywhere else before, so… Option #3: Choose YOU It’s about time you choose yourself over everyone else… Let me show you the way outta your current struggles… And build the life you’ve always dreamed of having… However, the clock is tickin’… It’s tickin’ on LIFE and it’s tickin’ on this offer… Remember, the three requirements… Since you’re still reading I trust you’re an action-taker… Now’s the time to prove it. See ya on the “big day”! Adios! Dream big. Take action. Duston McGroarty

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