Derek Rake – Shogun Method For Married Men

Derek Rake – Shogun Method For Married Men

Derek Rake – Shogun Method For Married Men

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Derek Rake – Shogun Method For Married Men ENSLAVE YOUR WIFE EMOTIONALLY AND BE HER PUPPET MASTER Transform Your Wife’s Disobedience Into Subservience, Compliance And Unquestioning Love… The Shogun Method for Married Men (SM³) System Shows You How WARNING: This program is not for everyone. Only get SM³ if you fit ALL FIVE criteria below: You’re a married man (SM³ is not a program for meeting new women, or for those wanting to improve their dating lives.) You want your wife to be with you forever (the Enslavement effect is irreversible – don’t use SM³ on a woman you don’t want to be with for the long-term) You’re already familiar with core Shogun Method™ principles (SM³ is advanced Shogun Method™ material) Your wife is showing signs of insolence, unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the marriage (if she’s already obedient to you, SM³ is an overkill – you won’t need something this powerful) You have no reservations about using Mind Control on your wife (which you cannot undo if you decide to change your mind later) SM³ exploits the married woman’s psychology flaws and turn her into an obedient, faithful wife with unquestioning devotion to her husband (and master). WHAT’S INSIDE THE SM­­³ SYSTEM BOOK 1: PSYCHOLOGY OF MARRIED WOMEN” Know Your Enemy. In Book 1, you’ll get a masterclass on how the mind of the married female works. We will arm you with the ability to understand beyond her words and actions, and know her inner thoughts that drive her behavior and emotions. Book 1: Psychology of Married Women contains eight action-packed Modules: Opportunistic Love Theory, Dual Mating Strategy, Hypergamy, Solipsism, Covert Communication, Rake’s Law, Sexual Value, Light Switch Effect BOOK 2: MARRIED GAME” Conquer Your Enemy. Once you understand how your wife’s mind works, it’s time to put her under your control and dominance. Book 2 will arm you to the teeth with tactics and Shogun Sequences that exploit the deep flaws in her psychology. Book 2: Married Game contains seven action-packed Modules: Frame Supremacy, The Master and His Slave, Alpha-Beta Equilibrium, Value Tests, Dread Game, The “Insidious Three”, Dead Bedroom Tactics BONUS: “THE FORBIDDEN CHAPTER” Discover why dating other women while STILL married can be beneficial to your marriage. SM³’s “Married Plating Theory” (MPT) shows you how you can make your wife love you more BECAUSE you have the option to date other women if she doesn’t. WARNING: This theory is controversial because it (seemingly) condones “cheating” which is not tolerated in modern society. And because of this, we reserve the right to put this Chapter offline without any prior notice. SIZE: 18 MB

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