Dan Sheridan – Fantastic 4

Dan Sheridan – Fantastic 4

Dan Sheridan – Fantastic 4

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Salepage: https://www.sheridanmentoring.com/online-classes/fantastic-4/ Dan Sheridan – Fantastic 4

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Here’s what you’ll get: The 4 Key Income Strategies that Dan Uses In this class Dan shows you how to trade using Iron Condors, Butterflies, Calendar Spreads, and Double Diagonals. Learn . . .

  • How to combine the four strategies
  • How to allocate capital to the different strategies
  • How to manage all 4 strategies in a single vehicle
  • How to trade any of these strategies regardless of volatility or price levels in the market
  • When to pick each vehicle
  • What strikes to choose
  • What duration to trade
  • When to adjust your trade
  • Dan’s favorite adjustments
  • The best way to enter and exit each trade
  • How to formulate a profit and loss plan
  • And more!!!

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