Copywriting – Secret Fomulas by Next Money Publishing

Copywriting – Secret Fomulas by Next Money Publishing

Copywriting – Secret Fomulas by Next Money Publishing

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The importance of having the ability to craft compelling copy CANNOT be understated.
Weather you are an online marketer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, if you rely upon getting sales you NEED to understand how to get into the mind and heart of your customers and cause them to take action to buy your product or service, or else you will simply not make sales.
The good news is that ANYONE can learn how to become a masterful copywriter – you just need to understand the psychology behind creating writing that sells.
In this book, you will go from beginner to expert copywriter so you can start generating more success than you thought possible.
Don’t spend another minute losing money and customers because you don’t understand copywriting. Stop wasting time scouring the web and testing different strategies. The best and most proven methods are right here in this book!
This book is highly actionable, with step by step instructions and plenty of examples to get you learning these skills as fast as possible.
Here’s just a tiny fraction of all you will learn in this book:
✔ The only two reasons why people buy
✔ The 11 Psychological Triggers that cause people to make purchases, and how you can leverage them to generate sales
✔ The 8 hard-wired human desires that you NEED to understand if you want to write compelling copy
✔ Bonus marketing Power Words list to supercharge your writing easily
✔ Understanding the sales psychology of crafting phrases that will get customers to take action
✔ How to be more persuasive than you ever thought possible, even if you are an absolute beginner, or think your writing sucks
✔ Why conducting audience research can 10x your advertising results
✔ How to create authority, urgency and exclusivity around your product to get people to buy
✔How to get customers to know, like and trust your brand online
✔ How to use Pattern Interrupts to make your product or service to stick in the customer’s mind by breaking expectations
✔ Everything you need to know about cold email marketing – from exactly what to say in the first email, to why you need to follow up 6-10 times to maximize results
✔ 7 types of irresistible, PROVEN email headline formulas you can customize to your product or service
✔ Cold email templates that get massive response
✔ How to use the power of storytelling to captivate your audience and effectively sell your product or service
✔ The four reasons why you lose sales – and exactly how to overcome these obstacles
✔ The 5-step storytelling framework that works every time
✔ Exactly how to use the Problem, Agitate, Solution formula for massive results
✔ Exactly how and when to use the Desire/Hook, Solution formula
✔ And much, much more!


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