Brian Rose-London Real Business Accelerator

Brian Rose-London Real Business Accelerator

Brian Rose-London Real Business Accelerator

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The first ever Online Accountability Course for turning your passion into a profitable business. I won’t just show you the path, I’ll go down it with you. My team and I will work with you closely. You’ll get direct support, guidance, and accountability every step of the way. Our job is to make sure you succeed no matter what. More on that in a moment (details are under the REAL Accountability section.) Here’s what you’ll get: For now, let’s look at the material we’ll cover in the course. You’ll discover the techniques, insights and strategies I used to grew London Real from a small passion project to a 7-figure media company.

  • WEEK 1: BULLETPROOF YOUR BUSINESS IDEA The 3 Stages to finding the Right Idea Your 1 Minute Pitch Mastery The 3 Entrepreneur Mindsets
  • WEEK 2: FIND YOUR MICRO-NICHE Position yourself to win in high-potential market niches Learn how to outsmart your competition Understand the psychology of your customer
  • WEEK 3: BUILD YOUR HIGH PERFORMANCE WEBSITE Create a stunning website the easy way Learn how to craft compelling site copy The 3 Entrepreneur Mindsets
  • WEEK 4: MAKE YOUR CONTENT Produce a 3-part video series using London Real film techniques Install your automated sales machine system Learn how to craft blogs like a best-selling author
  • WEEK 5: KICKSTART YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA The art of social media: a results-driven approach for your channels How to become an online authority in your market London Real-tested strategies for automating your social media
  • WEEK 6: CREATE YOUR PRODUCT The product success path: define your customer’s desired reality Step-by-step guidelines on how to productise your knowledge Design your minimum viable product
  • WEEK 7: SELL YOUR PRODUCT How to sell without being “salesy” Present your first online webinar Master the secrets to closing the sale
  • WEEK 8: LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS Fit all the pieces into one powerful revenue-generating machine Identify and track the key metrics for scaling your business Create a fail-proof blueprint for your next 12 months

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