Billy Willson – 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency

Billy Willson – 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency

Billy Willson – 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency

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What’s Included? Lifetime Access to OVER 50 Videos & 6 Hours of STEP-BY-STEP Video Guidance on How to Start and/or Scale Your 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency from SCRATCH Class Curriculum IntroductionBefore You StartWelcome (5:48)Why Clients Will Pay You So Much (3:48)What We Do For Clients (10:18)Why We Use Facebook Ads (4:31)Value Ladder (5:35) How to Run Effective Facebook Ads for Your ClientsCreate a Facebook Page & Business Manager (3:50)Business Manager Walkthrough (5:46)Facebook Ads Manager Walkthrough (9:20)Facebook Pixel (Introduction & Installation) (7:17)Facebook Campaign Objectives (4:22) Creating Facebook Ads (19:33)Creating Instagram Ads (3:28)Creating Custom Audiences (7:08)Creating the Perfect Offer (11:25)Become an Expert Facebook Ads Copywriter (16:47)Optimizing Facebook Ads (9:29) Generating Leads for Your Clients Via Landing PagesCreate a Landing Page From Scratch (11:29)Lead Gen Form vs Landing Page (7:06)Landing Page vs Website (1:23)Complicated vs Basic Landing Pages (3:27)Complicated Funnels (7:43)Integrate Active Campagin w/ Click Funnels (4:09)Send Automatic Lead Notifcation Texts to Clients (7:34)3 Step Funnel Process (2:19)Optimizing Landing Pages for Mobile (5:38)Send Leads Emails with Active Campaign (4:34)Split Test Landing Pages (1:23) Prospecting ClientsFind the PERFECT Business to Work With (7:39)Easiest Ways to Get Your First Client (What Other Courses Won’t Tell You) (7:39)Methods for Prospecting (16:07) Finding Clients on Job Listing Websites (2:21) Getting Meetings With ClientsMethods for Contacting Clients (10:02)Sales Strategy (14:14)Cold Call Example Walkthrough (22:34)Get Your First Client EASY – Free Trial Script (7:47)Getting Past the Gatekeeper (3:32)Cold Calling Scripts (7:45)Cold Emailing Strategy (5:43)Objections & Responses to Memorize (14:51) Closing ClientsHow to Followup (7:21)Closing The Client After a Free Trial (9:02)Free Trial Meeting Structure (21:02)How Much To Charge (6:46)Sales Recap (8:51)Setting the Right Expectations (4:30)Keeping Clients For the Long Term (5:52)Closing Words (4:26) Bonus ResourcesCreating & Sending a Contract Agreement (9:19)Creating an LLC (7:41)Online Marketing Softwares I Use for My AgencyCourses I Personally Own and RecommendFiles From The CourseSet-Up Automated Text Messaging for Your Clients (10:10) Niche Walkthroughs Fitness (31:52)Real Estate (34:52)Chiropractic (23:49)Dentists (15:50) Your Instructor Billy Willson As a College Dropout turned Self-Made 6 Figure Agency Owner at Age 20, I once realized what I had been told my entire life was wrong. That I didn’t need to climb the corporate ladder until age 40 to finally become a millionaire and live the life I wanted to live. The Internet has Changed Everything. That’s why I created this course. To allow people just like yourself, to create the life of your dreams. No Waiting. No 4 Years of College. No 9-5 Job. No $100,000 in Debt. No Limits. I Look forward to Seeing You Inside, and Helping You Change Your Life.          

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