Ben Adkins – Social Monetization Magician

Ben Adkins – Social Monetization Magician

Ben Adkins – Social Monetization Magician

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In the past few months I’ve seen a ton of training about how to sell t-shirts on facebook. I’ve made a chunk of money selling them through teespring but I’ll be 100% honest with you…. If you’re sole focus is T-shirts for monetization… you’re missing a ton of opportunities. Over the past month and a half I’ve heard from a ton of folks who want to do more with facebook and their question to me is simple. “Ben… What Else can I do with Facebook to make money besides T-shirts?” Over the last month I’ve been compiling my notes and I’m finally ready to show you the backend of how we’re using facebook to really “blow it up” in just about any niche we go after with a variety of monetization method. Introducing: “Social Monetization Magician” On this very special 3 Week Immersion Course you’re going to Learn: Session 1: How to Monetize your Pages/Ads with Physical Products (not just shirts) Session 2: How to Rock it out For Offline Clients with specific lead generating techniques that you can change their business and make you a great living for the help. Session 3: How to Sell Digital Products using Facebook.(How to Pack Out Webinars, Sell Affiliate Products, Sell your own products, and get more affiliates for your launch…. the right way).

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