Affiliate Marketing: SEO Hack to Boost Your Affiliate Sales

Affiliate Marketing: SEO Hack to Boost Your Affiliate Sales

Affiliate Marketing: SEO Hack to Boost Your Affiliate Sales

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Instructors: Robert Scot

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More than 8,000 already enrolled! Five-Star Reviews (Updated 1/12/16)

Laser-targeted traffic turns your computer into a Cash-Producing Robot – filling your sales pipeline with leads, leads, leads – pinpoint-targeted customers!

DO NOT GET STUCK with products to sell – and nobody to sell them to! It does NOT require a large budget to get your ideal customer to find you on Google!

Are you an Affiliate Marketing entrepreneur, looking for an edge? Or, you’ve got your own web page or an Amazon or Etsy sales page – or a Shopify store – and you are trying to get your products and services to show up at the top of Google.

In this course, I show you how to reach Page 1 of Google, attract more qualified, targeted customers, and increase your affiliate marketing sales and revenues!  With simple YouTube videos that you upload for free!


25 FIVE-STAR reviews can’t be wrong!

Recent Review:

“Robert is an excellent Instructor. This is an easy to follow course with quality, actionable content. Robert imparts his knowledge in an easily digestible manner. It’s a pleasure to learn from someone who is obviously an expert. AAAAA+++++”


I show you how to use YouTube to attract your ideal audience and convert them into happy, loyal lifetime customers even if you’ve never picked up a camera before! For affiliate marketing sales, it’s a NO BRAINER! You’ve probably noticed that sometimes in your Google search results, a YouTube Video thumbnail shows up at the top – above all the websites links? That could be YOUR YouTube video – selling YOUR products or services!

The Guarantee: Follow this course, and you WILL get your YouTube Videos – featuring your products & services – on Page 1 of Google —without rolling a single frame— NO filming, NO actors, NO sets, NO unnecessary expenses – just YouTube!

Almost overnight, you can be sending laser-targeted customers to your sales pages – and SELL MORE


YouTube videos – with no actors and No Filming – can give you access to revenue you never dreamed of – in nearly every industry, and with little or NO cash investment. For Affiliate Marketing, it is not only a simple-but-effective solution that WORKS, but provides unique facility to feature multiple products, services, or businesses.

Imagine if you learned how to quickly and easily get videos for YOUR business or products to do this almost instantly! And, WITHOUT ANY FILMING! My strategy takes advantage of the unique relationship between YouTube (the world’s premier video library), and its OWNER, Google (the world’s largest search engine).

Did You Know? Studies show that it’s a full 50x easier to get Page 1 Google results for your YouTube video than for your website for the same keyword search!

And just think about how valuable, how engaging, that a product video, a service walk-through, or a select interview is for your brand, proven by the fact that MOST of you will never actually read this sentence even though it’s underlined. Most people just skim this then watch the intro VIDEO above;-)

The Truth: YouTube marketing is the next generation of content marketing.

In this course I will teach you the exact methods that have:

  • Ranked YouTube videos for companies in industries ranging from dentistry to jewelry to pool cleaning
  • Allowed individuals and businesses to generate thousands from these quick easy Youtube videos
  • Gotten countless people to start from SCRATCH on YouTube<
  • Generated my OWN income and lead-gen from Youtube

This Course details of the process to rank #1. Even if you’ve never uploaded a single video to YouTube, or never even heard the words “video marketing”; we will get you online and successful fast.

You Will Learn:

  • Advanced keyword research techniques
  • Exactly how to create each YouTube video, down to picking the topic and what to say
  • How to optimize your videos to get Page 1 Google search results literally overnight
  • How to turn these videos and rankings into pure profit

Today, only about 25% of businesses that have a website use video marketing in their online campaigns. YouTube marketing is one of the best kept secrets in the in tire internet marketing world. But the word is starting to leak out, so you want to act fast.

RIGHT NOW: You can currently rank overnight, but as YouTube grows this will not always be the case. YouTube has grown to 50 BILLION VIEWS per day and it’s still just getting started!

This course gives you a clear, actionable process to get started NOW – with NO FILIMING. So enroll today and let’s start getting you some results.

-Robert Scot

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