6 ways to generate leads starting from zero + FREE templates

6 ways to generate leads starting from zero + FREE templates

6 ways to generate leads starting from zero + FREE templates

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Do you have created your first product?

Did you just have started your online business?

Do you struggle with having email contacts and leads to build a mailing list?

Do you know what a landing page is ? Do you have ever heard about lead magnet?


I have started my entrepreneurship journey a year ago with different online products. Before that, I was thinking about having an online business but I couldn’t manage to find a idea of a product to create.

Finally, I wrote a Book and published it on Amazon. I was really proud of this, and especially proud of having taken action.

But then I faced a new problem: I had to promote it.

Of course I heard about facebook / google ads.

I heard also about mysterious concept that intrigued me: landing page and lead magnet. But I had no idea of what it could be…

I understood it was necessary to capture email contacts and build a newsletter where I can provide valuable content and promote my work.

But still, I did not have any idea why people would give me their personal email address while they didn’t know who I was.

And I though I would have to pay for a webdesigner to build my landing page…

I have decided to focus first on creating a valuable lead magnet, it was my priority.


Actually, understanding what a lead magnet is is quite simple: It is a free product with a high value which will attract people and made them giving you their email contact in exchange of this free product.

A landing page is simply a web page where you will propose your lead magnet and where people (i.e. your leads) will submit their address to get the product you are offering.

Don’t worry, building a landing page is very easy to do IF you have the good tool. And in this FREE course, I will show you how to build your own page and I will offer you also done for you template you’ll be able to use and modify (for free!)

You will also learn what kind of lead magnet you can create to attract people of your landing page and get their contact details.

You’ll then be able to send them a free newsletter and promote your other products.

Having a powerful lead magnet won’t guarantee you to make sales. You’ll have to have good email marketing skills to do so (and I won’t teach them in this course).

But having leads (meaning potential customers) in your mailing list is the first step to make sales, if you don’t want to use paid ads.

You can indeed promote your lead magnet on your facebook/instagram/pinterest/snapchat account or on your YouTube channel. Then you will drive people to your landing page and get their email.

That is step 1.


If this course, I will explain you:

  • What a landing page is;

  • What a lead magnet is and what kind of free product you can propose;

  • What an autorespondeur is;

  • What a sales funnel is;

  • How you can create your own landing page with different tutorials;

  • How you can use and modify the FREE templates I have created for you.

I will also tell you what is the best tool to build wonderful landing page.


If you really need to build a mailing list but don’t know how to do it, then do not hesitate! This course is FREE and will teach you strategies for beginner you’ll be able to use immediately.

By the end of this lesson, you will also have done for you landing page to use for your business.

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