25 Mistakes You Make in Email Marketing & How To Fix Them

25 Mistakes You Make in Email Marketing & How To Fix Them

25 Mistakes You Make in Email Marketing & How To Fix Them

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How many emails do you get daily? A couple of hundred? Are you looking forward to receiving one more email? Guess what  – your clients probably aren’t so enthusiastic either.

I run a digital detox business called Consciously Digital and think that people receive way too many useless emails these days. This is why “25 Key Mistakes You Make in Email Marketing” is NOT a regular digital marketing course. I will teach you how to do LESS, and not MORE email marketing (while getting a better result). This course is about how to do email marketing in an age of digital distraction, when your customers are overwhelmed by hundreds of messages coming their way. 

It’s very practical: we will look at over 50 examples of well and poorly executed email campaigns, so that you can learn from other people’s mistakes, instead of making your own costly ones. 

You will learn, how to ask people for a permission to email them, write a killer email copy, choose a great subject line, avoid spam filters, choose the best sending times and days – all the regular things. But most importantly, you will learn to create emails that make your subscribers look forward to hearing from you!

As a result of taking this course, you will:

•       Understand how your clients act and behave online

•       Understand how to capture the attention of your best clients, no matter the distractions around

•       Know how to make customers excited about your product without spending much time or money on it

•       Learn how to build not simply a loyal customer base, but raving fans who are looking forward to every email you’ll be sending, and will be happy to share them 

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